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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy London | Silvia Sutherland Hypnotherapy

Silvia Sutherland Hypnotherapy

Self Discovery and Healing is just a click away with my Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy and Angelic Reiki services 

Rid yourself of past and present stress, anxiety and trauma and invite a feeling of purpose, calm and self love into your life. 

Each one of the 1000's of clients I have worked with has had a positive experience and this is wonderful.....but I know that I can now offer you MORE than your average hypnotherapy session.... 

The multidimensional healing sessions I can now offer go deep into your subconscious and beyond offering you the chance to experience healing on many levels of awareness.... 


The results? 

Here are just a few example of experiences my clients have enjoyed;


"A sense of knowing that I didn't have before" 


"Clarity and purpose for my life " 


"Generational trauma cleared" 


"Clear guidance" 


"Peace within my soul" 


"A deeper understanding of myself"  

Contact Me On

07455 529443


Contact Details:

Phone: 07455529443

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