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Tapping Into Self Mastery, TARC EFT LEVEL I & II by Live4Energy Training College Bury

TARC EFT (Tapping Into Self Mastery) LEVEL I & II

- Level 1

  • Are you feeling any of these symptoms right now? Perhaps they’ve been part of your life for longer than you wish to admit too?

  • Feeling Overwhelmed with too much information right now?

  • Brain Fog and confusion kicking in big style

  • Can’t Sleep, waking up 3 or 4 times a night

  • Exhausted just not enough energy to get everything done.

  • Loss of appetite or over eating

  • Nausea or IBS symptoms making life difficult to function with normality

  • Anxiety and agitation growing day by day

  • Work is becoming a real chore and no enjoyment there at all. Everything just feels like yet another problem to sort out and theres no respite of deadlines or to do lists.

  • Constantly worried about money, the bills, food, clothes for the kids and just surviving right now. It’s all just so hard.

You’re not alone feeling like this right now!

You’re not the only one who’s tried everything else and nothing works so why should this?

Do you have 15 minutes you can spare each day just for you?

Are you really ready to EXPERIENCE a significant change in your life taking place, because this is an EXPERIENCE. You WILL feel it, see it, hear it and taste it as you transition.

This is not just a talking therapy. You will experience chemical reactions in your body as you start to shift through each emotion.

You will: Laugh | Cry | Burp |Yawn | Get Dizzy | Feel Nausea | Get hot and sweaty or cold and clamy | Headaches | Flatulance and so many other strange symptoms.

HOWEVER! You will begin to understand what each symptom means to you as you progress each week and you will learn to not be fearful of them. You will begin to relate each emotion to particular symptoms.

WHY? Because it will make sense to the life you are living as you do the work.


All of this will ONLY happen if you Participate and do the actual course. It is an EXPERIENCE just as your life to date has been an experience.

This course is about you becoming INTENTIONALLY CONSCIOUS to make the transition into the next stage of your life journey.

You’re life will start to make ABSOLUTE sense to you.

You will Learn to TRUST yourself above all others.

Fear will dissolve along with your panic attacks.

FUN will return to your life and you will start to smile and laugh more.

Sleep will improve

Finances will be less fraught and more manageable.

Peace will enter your life

HOW DO I KNOW THIS? Because it’s already making an impact in people lives!

Here’s what they say about it!


"I’ve just finished the 7th week what can I say…. It’s given me a new lease of life! I was suffering from 3 to 4 panic attacks a day, debilitating panic attacks. Not sleeping, not eating, doctors put me on medication. Now I’m no medication; no panic attacks or if I can feel one coming on I know how to deal with it with the tips and tools this course has given me. It doesn’t scare me anymore to deal with my anxiety as well. I’m sleeping better and helping family members with it. Yeah, it’s great! I’d advise anyone to give it a go. It’s strange at first to get used to but it’s been the best 7 weeks of my life. It’s completely changed my outlook and the whole family can see a difference in me as well”

Amy Fitton

Dental Nurse

What is TARC EFT?

Bob Paddock share with us why he choose TARC EFT above classic EFT and the benefits he's finding through using it.

What Other People Say about Energy Therapy.....

Ray and Sophie share with us what they think about their Energy Therapy session during Rachel's Quest 79 event where she gave 79 healing sessions starting on the 79th day of the year (20th March 2021).

Ray and Sophie share with us what they think about their Energy Therapy session during Rachel's Quest 79 event where she gave 79 healing sessions starting on the 79th day of the year (20th March 2021).

Radka Crossley shares with us why TARC EFT is helping her move her life forward. TARC EFT - Tap Around The Clock - give the learning and background behind EFT where you learn more about the meridians the deeper connection to each emotions and physical symptoms and so much more.

Other Reviews:

"To me it’s been a life changed. All my life I never been able to handle all the things that are thrown at me and I thought I had to handle everything at once. It taught me to take things 1 by 1 and the things I can handle. I’m not stressed out about the work life now. I’m calmer and it give you consistency to follow the little videos each day."

Tumay Turgut Nicholls

Account Clerk

"I’m a trainer in EFT in MBIR and I didn’t understand the meridians properly. It’s been revelationory for me. I’ve seen myself evolve from one place and being able to see each week how my vision has expanded, my clarity and I understand the language of my own body and my own emotions in much more depth. It’s just been wonderful and revelationory so if anyone is a Practitioner in any other modalities this is so simple and so effective you can work will all people at all levels. It’s not Woo woo, it’s just effective"

Angela Connolly

Energy Therapy Trainer

You’ll Become a CMA Member & Be Recognised Amongst The Elite In the Entire Profession.”

  • ​Whilst you are a student inside the College, join with a Student Membership with Access to Webinars and Training from the CMA.***

  • ​Upon completion of the College, you’ll be able to gain access to Practitioner Membership.***

  • ​Nothing says more about YOUR commitment to excellence and professionalism than CMA Membership.

  • ​You will have your very own page on the CMA website that features your biography, your picture, the disciplines you practice, all your contact details and plenty of room for you to introduce yourself properly, to talk about how and why you practice in the way that you do – and to include real patient/client testimonials so that people can really get to know you on a personal level – this is the most effective way of developing a practice.

  • ​As a CMA Full Member, you’ll get referrals from people searching for a Fully Qualified Practitioner on this site – they get a huge amount of traffic – and you will benefit directly from this as it offers you the perfect platform to promote your work.

  • ​You’ll have access to the full CMA website – there are certain parts of the website that are inaccessible to Non-Members – and these include their special Practice Development pages and more.

  • ​You’ll also have the option to have your articles published on The CMA website (subject to acceptance).

  • ​ We particularly encourage research articles and case studies.

  • ​Receive The CMA Latest World News on Scientific Breakthroughs in Complimentary Medicine, FREE by email every week.

  • ​Receive your CMA Certificate of MembershipReady to frame and display on the wall of your Practice.

  • ​Access to Top Class, Low Cost, Professional Indemnity Insurance (at a specially negotiated rate only available to CMA Members)

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