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Super Learning Children’s Programme (ages 4-12 years) by Live4Energy Training College

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Live4Energy reveals it’s brand Super Learning Children’s Programme (ages 4-12 years) to commence in June 2023.

The ICU Programme assists children to heal traumas and release limiting beliefs, increase confidence and self esteem, expand their minds, reach educational and personal potential and develop their natural gifts, self-respect, respect for others and other universal human values.

The Programme expands the children’s consciousness and raises their vibration, improves memory and concentration and increases attention span, strengthens their resilience, awakens and/or improves their intuition, awakens skills they didn’t know they had and activates their ability to see, read and play without their physical eyes.

Children attending this unique course learn to read, write, draw, successfully identify shapes and colours, complete jigsaw puzzles, and play card games. Like any other kids their age, they can catch and throw a ball, they have sack races and run, giggling, with an egg and spoon. They ride their bikes. But these kids are different, because they are able to do all of these things blindfolded.

I wouldn’t say it’s a super power. It’s an ability. Everyone can do it. They just need to learn it.” ~ Lucie, aged 6

Raising a new generation of Super Children is part of the mission of Live 4 Energy Training College.

To enable humanity to evolve for the greater good it is time to combine the latest scientific knowledge, skills and ancient wisdom in the most unique ways to use creatively for the greater good of our planet, says Founder & Trainer Rachel Earing.

When we allow the wisdom from all of this to unfold and embrace in all that we think, do and create, previously unimaginable beautiful things can and are happening around the world.

In a world that appears to many to be consumed by apathy, despair and pain, another world alongside it is unfolding of joy, possibility and hope, and that is what we bring to people here.

Experts around the globe are in agreement that relaxation and fun are critical to the healthy holistic development of children. Rachel is now taking this to a whole new level where children are still in their Super Learning flow state.

At the start of this Programme the children are taught to radiate their intuition and creativity using their magnetic field and as they progress and complete all the sessions, their amazing energy then radiates through their family and community and in turn has a powerful and positive effect on our Planet.

This work has already been very successful in the UK and other countries around the world, with outstanding results.

It’s now time to empower more children around the world, to reinforce what they already know rather than supress it, by raising and increasing their natural intuitive abilities.

If you are interested in your child becoming involved in these revolutionary new techniques your family could be about to embark on a unique journey that will assist children and the evolution of Humanity, Earth and the Universe.

The abilities of the ICU Programme are available in the film SuperHuman which you may watch via the link below.

If you wish your child to participate in this face to face 10 session learning programme then please get in touch below.

Rachel Earing,

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