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Welcome To The Trusted Business Community

Where Reputations Meet Expectation

Here at The Trusted Business Community Association we offer equal opportunities for all small business owners. Our policies create a level playing field for SME’s to work together as a collective force, highlighting the importance of collaboration through inclusion for all. We offer a safe environment promoting standards of engagement in a trusted and business like fashion, that is comfortable for everyone. We do not tolerate undesirable behavior, both towards another member or a client and have strict policies in place to handle such issues.

Our Founder Sean Hewitt recognises the need for standards and safety for everyone from within the association. Having successfully completed a course on the understanding of domestic abuse in and around the workplace, when engaging with us at the association, you can do so with confidence in the knowledge that our members are of the highest priority in all areas of the support we offer!

Becoming an affiliated or accredited member, gives your business the consumer confidence in your brand through the badge of trust you receive upon successfully being accepted following our membership process. Placing your branded logo alongside our badge on marketing campaigns unifies your brand as an organisation that consumers can recognise as ‘Trusted’, meaning your credibility is shown where it should be, with those who wish to use your services!

The Badge of Trust

Having already touched on this, upon qualifying to become a member you will receive the badge of trust that you can use on your fleet of vehicles, your website, social media promotions and your email signature strip.

Consumers want to deal with trusted and vetted businesses. Showing you are a member by using the badge of trust will ultimately inspire those looking for your services or products to use you above others.

Premier Partner Support

Joining the family of businesses that belong to the community comes with the benefit of support from our Premier Business Partners. If you have a legal issue, you can contact us to discuss in confidence what your next steps should be. We offer 30 minute FREE telephone consultations to understand the potential problems you are facing, with discounted rates available should you need to take it further, we can and will save you money!

Whether it’s HR related, Recruitment, Payroll, Health & Safety, International Business Networking, Partner Agreements, Social Media Training and Management or organizing the collections of bad debts, we have the Premier Partner Support you need to run your business with confidence.

Social Media Advertising

By becoming a member of the community you will ease the strain on back office marketing, as we offer all our accredited members once a month adverting across social media platforms to include:

• Facebook

• LinkedIn

• Pinterest

• Twitter

• Instagram

Depending on your demographic and who you wish your audience to be, will depend on which online platforms you may wish to choose, it could be all of them, but your business will naturally be added to our Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram with links back to your website or Facebook page, the rest is up to you!

Business Hub Meetings

We offer our members the opportunity to meet with each other and throughout recent years we have built business hub meeting points both in person and online in London, England, Wales and Scotland. It is our aim to bring these meetings to all areas across the UK.

We offer monthly online meetings via Zoom completely free of any extra charge, along with a monthly wellbeing connectivity meeting event and a Friday morning meeting, between 9am and 12noon, known as The Friday Coffee Drop-In. Please check our business hub page for more details about all meetings we are holding throughout 2021. Should be looking for regular weekly networking by area, you can join in with our online networking events that can be found on our networking website at: from just £10.00 extra per month

Online Directory

Anyone who either networks with us weekly or who has qualified for affiliated or accedited membership, along with those in the Premier Partner Arena can add their business to the directory, but it should be known that only Accredited and Premier Partner Members are highlighted, by having regular features and promotions placed across Social Media Platforms for brand awareness.

Please Note: By adding your business to the directory you are opting in and giving permission to be contacted by both consumers looking for services throughout the directory and businesses that form the membership of the Trusted Business Community.

Complaints Handling

We all know that we would love to keep everyone happy all of the time, but alas this is not always the case. As a member, if someone brings a complaint to us about one of our members, then we are happy to act as your mediator to resolve such issues that arise from time to time. This will also free up your time to get on with your business at the sharp end in the knowledge that the Association is looking into any issues on your behalf!

Join The Trusted Business Community

Simply add your business to the directory here & we will be in touch to welcome you to the community. We will discuss with you whether you wish to join as a Networking Member or wish to step up and gain our Accreditation by becoming a member of our business association.

We know that there are many alternative advertising household names that you have probably been advertising with, to expose your brand, but ask yourself when was the last time you made a direct sale from these platforms? If the return on your investment is questionable, then why not give us a try and find out why so many companies are joining and rejoining year in, year out.

Ask yourself…..

Do they offer you the chance to promote your business to the many companies in a room each month through networking?

How much money are you investing to gain the odd sale from time to time by using other advertising methods/companies?

Do you get a Premier Partner Support Team to help you when you most need it?

With us, we keep the cost down, so that joining is a no brainer for any business wanting an affordable Business Community Association Platform to maximise profits and support.


If it wasn’t cheap enough! We also offer any business that is an associate paid up member of the community the chance to save on their renewal subscription each year. Simply put, should you introduce 10 businesses to the affiliated membership and they join we will give you 10% for each new member that you have introduced. This means you gain renewal completely free of charge for each year you introduce a minimum of 10 new companies to the membership.


1 business = 10% off your renewal subscription

5 businesses = 50% off your renewal subscription

10 businesses + = 100% off your renewal subscription

So what are you waiting for come and list your business for free or choose the membership option and benefit from being part of a fast growing community that really does work to build you and your companies profile and brand.

Our Motto

“Together In Business We Are Stronger”

Please email us for Terms & Conditions of Association Membership prior to registering your business as a member.

Contact Details

Tel: 07507 258671

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