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Need Help Writing the New Standards for Your New Production Facility? | GENEO

Need Help Writing the New Standards for Your New Production Facility?


Amongst the myriad of challenges companies face when opening a new production facility or production line, one often underestimated is the authoring of the Standard Work documentation.

The activity around the birth of a new production process is usually dynamic and fast-moving. Often, there is pressure to meet urgent sales expectations or to adapt to essential updates, revisions, or omissions. Not only does the new Standard Work content need to be created promptly, but it also needs to be agile and responsive to unforeseen changes and process adaptions during commissioning.

Standard Work agility is essential for several reasons:

1 - It prioritises and emphasises Safety and Quality concerns from day one.

2 - It allows Standard Work documentation for the entire process to be created quickly from a standing start.

3 - It provides the ability to train a new cohort of workers quickly so that everyone is up to speed with the workings of the new process.

4 - It captures the frequent changes and updates as the process undergoes fast iterative updates before production can stabilize.

5 - It collates every CI suggestion as the process evolves.

GENEO GEN-OPS is the tool that will give you this ability by empowering you to handle unforeseen changes.

By using GEN-OPS to write your Lean OpEx Standard Work, you can expect to work 50% faster than with contemporary methods. Additionally, you can be confident in writing 40% fewer documents, thanks to the efficient way in which GEN-OPS manages and organizes your complex arrangements and shares common tasks.

Discover GEN-OPS, a best-in-class Lean OP-EX Standard Work Platform designed to drive Kaizen.

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