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Iterative AI Course for Businesses Greater Manchester | Code Nation

Iterative AI Course for Businesses Greater Manchester By Code Nation

Our 2 day Iterative AI for Business course involves optimising Business workflows using ChatGPT. You will understand and learn the fundamentals of ChatGPT, Large Language Model (LLM), Task automation /reminders and how ChatGPT can be used for automated reporting.

What you will learn?

  • What a Large Language Model (LLM) is 

  • What ChatGPT is and what it is not 

  • Prompts for software development 

  • How can ChatGPT help with administration? 

  • Getting started with ChatGPT 

  • Using ChatGPT to automate reporting 

  • ChatGPT extensions to write Excel formulas 

  • Using ChatGPT to help write Office documents 

  • ChatGPT for proofreading 

  • Task automation and reminders 

  • Using ChatGPT for customer support and communication 

  • Using ChatGPT for social media content / marketing 

  • Collaboration and knowledge management

Just £199 + vat

Study method: Online

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The Cloud, 10 Boughton, Chester, CH3 5AG

Company Number: 08495005

Tel: 0161 533 0541

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