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Vodka Gift Sets Lancashire | SpiritSmith

Vodka Gift Sets Lancashire By SpiritSmith

Whatever the occasion, vodka gift sets are a great way to celebrate and gift to someone special in your life. And what’s more luxurious than a bottle of vodka, with additional treats such as chocolate, mixers and fairy lights? 

We’ve created our top five vodka gift sets for him and her. While some gift sets are more suited to him than her, and vice versa, each gift set would work well for everyone. Whether you’re looking for Grey Goose, Ciroc or Au Vodka, we’ve got some ideas for you. Let’s take a closer look. 

What are the Best Vodka Gift Sets for Him?

Personalised Crystal Head Vodka Miniature Gift Set

This gorgeous gift set comes in a personalised gift box, to make it suitable for any occasion. Inside the personalised gift box is a skull-shaped bottle of Crystal Head Vodka. It also includes a Mexican lime soda mixer, as well as a Divine chocolate bar. There’s also the option to add extra treats such as nuts, chocolate, socks, miniatures or a bottle stopper.

This particular vodka comes in a beautiful bottle, in the shape of a skull. It’s distilled four times, and then filtered seven times to create that silky smooth taste. This vodka was actually created by movie star, Dan Aykroyd.

Personalised Ciroc Vodka Premium Gift Hamper

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more premium, look no further. Again, this can be personalised for any occasion, and name and age can be added for something like a birthday. Inside the hamper is a 70cl bottle of Ciroc vodka, which is of course, the main event. However, it also comes with two Mexican lime soda mixers, three Divine chocolate bars, one premium snack, one bag of botanicals, one spirit pourer, one spirit jigger and presented with LED bottle string fairy lights.

This hamper is exquisite in every way, just like the vodka included. This vodka is made from French grapes, silky smooth and bursting with flavour after being distilled five times.

Personalised Grey Goose Vodka Premium Gift Hamper

Another premium gifting option is the Grey Goose vodka hamper. Ideal for any celebration and personalisable for any event. This hamper includes a 70cl bottle of the classic Grey Goose vodka, as well as two Mexican lime soda mixers, three Divine chocolate bars, one premium snack, one spirit pourer, one spirit jigger and fairy lights, to decorate. 

This classic vodka is sweet, but bold in its flavour profile. It’s created in the Cognac region of France and works perfectly as a base for any vodka-themed cocktails.

What are the Best Vodka Gift Sets for Her?

Personalised Mermaid Salt Vodka Premium Gift Hamper

A premium vodka hamper you may want to consider for any females in your life is this one with Mermaid Salt vodka as the star. As well as the personalised wicker hamper, it offers a 70cl bottle of Mermaid Salt vodka, along with two bottles of tonic water, three Divine chocolate bars, one premium snack, one bag of botanicals, one spirit pourer, one spirit jigger and a set of stunning fairy lights to make the hamper pop.

Like the name suggests, the Mermaid Salt vodka embodies the taste of the sea, and is more salty than sweet in flavour profile.

Personalised Au Vodka Blue Raspberry Premium Gift Hamper

The last gift set is possibly the most luxurious of them all as the vodka comes in a stunning gold bottle, and is blue raspberry in flavour. The personalised hamper also includes, two bottles of tonic water, one premium chocolate bar, one premium snack, one bag of botanicals, one spirit pourer, one spirit jigger and a string of fairy lights. 

This vodka is unique in both flavour and colour. The vodka colour is bright blue and tastes of berry fruits, such as blueberry and raspberry.

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