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Sales people are driven by reward and recognition and Sales Incentives are an essential component in driving your sales engine – we have helped other people like you to drive 67%, 900% and even 2000% increases in sales.

This can take many forms including:

  • Following up and converting leads

  • Tactical push to launch a new product

  • Switching sales from competitor products

  • Up sell and cross sales opportunities

  • Collecting referrals

  • Keeping engaged after they have already hit their financial comfort level

  • Retaining top sales talent

Making participation it’s own reward

We make sales incentives: fun, engaging, sociable and motivational in their own right. We use on and offline games such as ‘shoot a lucky garden gnome’, or ‘spin to win’ to give opportunities for fun, recognition and reward – why not have a go at Safecracker if you have received a code or contact us if you need one.

Recognition is the key

Wherever appropriate, we build opportunities into sales incentives for both formal and informal recognition. A letter of thanks from a director, or getting a reason to tell one’s peers of your success is generally more important than any financial award. We build on this by the use of league tables, invitations to exclusive winners’ events and even awards like Gift of Aristocracy (yes they actually get an effective title to become a Lord, Lady or whatever they like) that create conversations to discuss what it should be

Making rewards work harder

Use of direct procurement, bulk buying and supplementing with 3rd party offers (free weekends at health clubs, free hotel nights etc) means we can offer awards with a considerably higher intrinsic value than the cost to you making your budgets go far further. Many of our clients have found we offer greater value than previous in-house options – as well as providing enhanced results.

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