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Restaurant Franchise Businesses For Sale Manchester | The Franchise Consulting Company


The Franchise Consulting Company UK & Ireland collaborates with thriving enterprises, guiding them in expanding their reach both nationally and internationally through the power of franchising.

With offices in 14 Countries, a network of over 350 franchisor partners and more than 170 consultants, The Franchise Consulting Company is the world’s leading franchise authority in delivering expert advice and services to our partners.

From setting up a robust franchise model, to supporting franchisors with franchise recruitment, we can support your growth at every turn so you can focus on your core business.



The Franchise Consulting Company recognizes that embarking on the journey of franchising your business or expanding as a franchisor can pose intricate and formidable challenges. In response, we offer an expansive array of services meticulously crafted to propel you toward success, tailored to your specific goals. Our seasoned team will guide you through the entire process, from inception to fruition. We work with experts across all areas of franchising, from legal and financial partners, to marketing and sales. If you are already a franchisor looking to grow Nationally or Internationally, we will work with you on a strategy that aligns precisely with your unique needs and objectives.


When contemplating the expansion of your business through franchising, a multitude of factors come into play. This is why The Franchise Consulting Company offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services, expertly tailored to guide you through this multifaceted journey. We start by understanding your goals and preferences to create a plan that matches your vision. Then, we do thorough research, looking at your competition and financial details. We also help you build a strong support system for your franchise. Our goal is to give you the information you need to make smart decisions and to support you at every juncture to ensure your success as a franchise brand. This includes managing your franchise recruitment process for you at a fraction of the cost of an in-house franchise sales person.

The Franchise Consulting Company collaborates with thriving small to medium-sized enterprises, guiding them in expanding their reach both nationally and internationally through the power of franchising.

Restaurant Franchise Businesses For Sale Manchester

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