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Streamline Your Travel Luggage London | Being Lean

LeanPac System - Streamline Your Travel Luggage London

The LeanPac® System is a suite of unisex travel products meant to reflect & induce the behaviour of a lean and efficient traveller. It advocates the concept of modular packing (LeanPac-ing) using products specifically designed to eliminate time & motion waste. is the beginning of a passion project by the founder, Michelle Leong, advocating “productivity” not only at work but also at play. There is a need to be more precious with our time & it is as good a time as any to start when spending our precious, hard earned holiday time. We may not have much control over allowing others to waste our time but there is no excuse to not consciously make the effort to minimise wasting our own time.

The LeanPac® system of products has been created through the evolution of the lean thinking applied. It is now able to, through its products, facilitate individuals to evolve and continuously improve efficiency and be precious with their own time during travels.

LeanPac® strives to apply lean thinking, and the hard tools and techniques available, to its system of products. This is in order to facilitate the lean traveller in enhancing their experience and reduce stress that travelling can induce.

LeanPac System - Streamline Your Travel Luggage London

The key aim for lean application is to systematically eliminate wasted time , time spent on unnecessary and duplication of movements and motions big and/or small e.g. opening the many different zips and compartments to find and access items, walking out of the bathroom to get certain toiletries because there is no space in the bathroom to keep them all there etc.

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