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Leadership and People Management Training Courses in Manchester | Communication Guru

Leadership and People Management Training Courses in Manchester By Godwin Anthony At Communication Guru

I'm Godwin Anthony, a Communication Guru - How You Say it Matters!

I specialise in transforming managers into leaders, motivating teams, and driving bottom-line growth through effective communication and leadership development.

My mission is to empower managers to become impactful leaders who inspire their teams, drive growth, and enhance the bottom line. I offer a unique blend of hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and DISC Assessments to enhance communication skills.

Our workshops provide solutions to overcome communication barriers by understanding others' perspectives and developing long-lasting communication strategies. We focus on equipping you with the skills needed to communicate effectively, including influencing strategies and implementing activities that foster effective, high-performing teams and cultures.

Our interactive workshop will provide delegates with the core knowledge, skills, and behaviours necessary to work effectively as successful managers or leaders. You will learn to communicate in ways that inspire and motivate your team, leading to improved performance and growth.

Unlock the power of DISC Assessments for business! Join me for a free 60-minute intro session. Visit for more information.

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Contact Details:

1 Fishergate Court, Fishergate, Preston, PR1 8QF

M: 07973 115517

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