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Discover How Our Software Can Help Your Operations Warwickshire | GENEO

Take 30 Minutes Discover How Our Software Can Help Your Operations Warwickshire By GENEO

A powerful platform for creating best practice Standardized Work in one place.

GENEO Software

SaaS Platforms for Lean

Standard Work Instruction | Continuous Improvement | Critical Path Plan & Execution Control


GENEO's SaaS Platforms for Lean are built by experts in Lean optimization. We know the pitfalls of frontline operations and the obstacles challenging every shift. Too often, it feels like there is no time for Continuous Improvement as we grind out the numbers, overcoming difficulties while keeping our team members safe. 


Lean and the Digital World

We recognize Lean is about culture and requires daily support and leadership care to be successful.  This is why we have developed our SaaS platform for Standardized Work and Continuous Improvement to save you time and strengthen your leadership coaching with your teams.

Our Mission

GENEO's mission is to strengthen and accelerate our clients' operational excellence journeys. To do this, we have three software products for your teams:


Standard Work Instruction


Best SaaS app for Standardized Work Instruction and your pathway to generating and governing brilliant standards that deliver:

  1. best product quality,

  2. keeping your people safe,

  3. surpassing productivity targets, and

  4. delighting your customers.

Build stability in your Lean House with GEN-OPS1. Our system is straightforward, scalable, and saves you time and money. You focus on creating the One Best Way of writing the standard and we will take care of the rest: governance, versioning, traceability, formatting, reporting, security and storage.


Continuous Improvement


Best mobile app for leaders to energize your House of Lean. Enable your frontline leaders to share best practice insights, inform standards quality, collect improvement ideas and escalate problems to the right place and the right people. My-CI is a powerful platform for leaders to:

  1. achieve rapid and practical problem solving,

  2. collect and track ideas generation,

  3. perform and track coaching in the workplace,

  4. quickly produce checklists, and

  5. conduct timely auditing.

my-CI is an excellent addition to your enterprise's digitization strategy and will bring team huddles to life.


Critical Path Plan & Execution Control


The best app to improve asset availability, the JIT, and BIQ in your House of Lean. Our system analyzes an hour-by-hour breakdown of waste, loss, and improvement opportunities. Your frontline leaders gain an unparalleled insight into where and why time is lost throughout maintenance activities. You will unlock maintenance crews:

  1. performance potential,

  2. improve assets' critical uptime, and

  3. drive down backlogs.


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