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Add value and maximise potential in your business


Are you looking for the best way to develop your business to help maximise its full potential? Whether you’re looking for advice on acquisitions, disposals, rent reviews, or valuations – and how to develop your assets to reach their full potential – I’m committed to adding value to your key asset or portfolio in both residential and commercial properties.

At Business Group Scotland, we’re committed to developing for tomorrow’s business.

How Business Group Scotland Ltd. can help

As an accredited commercial and residential property consultant, I support and offer advice to a wide range of clients including landlords, tenants, developers and investors across a broad spectrum of the commercial and residential property market. I’m all about adding value for my clients, and my no-nonsense approach means I can quickly assist you and get to the heart of what you’re looking to achieve – before helping you get there.

I also work closely with equity investors looking to maximise the return on capital by investing in property development and asset management, on a project-by-project basis.

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