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Are you or your team suffering from overwhelm? Live4Energy Training College

Updated: May 27, 2023

In 2022 a study found 67% of workers in business & sales were close to burnout because of long hours, a dense workload and always being "switched on".

Let's talk about how to identify burnout and optimise your performance. Book a 1 to 1 no obligation chat over Zoom.

Burnout is a real thing. It creates feelings of hopelessness, despair, insomnia, brain fog, migraines, fear of change, fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, and so much more…. If your suffering from 3 or more of these symptoms then you're well on the way to Burnout. How many can you relate to?

Live4Energy helps Consultants; Celebrities; CEO's gain clarity, creativity & consistency in their optimum performance usually from BURNOUT.

We INSPIRE you and your team to be vulnerable and develop relationships based on love, affection and compassion.

We provide SUSTAINABLE environments for you to feel safe enough as you use your new skills and knowledge.

Client Testimonials

"I’m a trainer in EFT in MBIR and I didn’t understand the meridians properly. It’s been revelationory for me. I’ve seen myself evolve from one place. Being able to see each week how my vision has expanded, my clarity and now I understand the language of my own body and my own emotions in much more depth. It’s just been wonderful and revelutionory, so if anyone is a Practitioner in any other modalities this is so simple and so effective you can work will all people at all levels. It’s not Woo woo, it’s just effective" Angela Connolly Energy Trainer

Working with Rachel is such a pleasure. She has helped me shift some old pain and I definitely have way more ease and comfort in my body. She is intuitive and understanding and most importantly patient when I couldn’t ’see’ what she was talking about. She helped me find other ways to release past pain. Sometimes I would find myself thinking ‘how did she know that?’ when she would pick up on exactly what my issue was. I would genuinely work with her again. Lorraine Maguire Rapid Transformational Therapist

Rachel Earing Founder & Trainer for Live4Energy Training College

International Master Energy Trainer & Therapist, Speaker, Author & Podcaster, Rachel is on a mission to bring Energetics into the forefront of Mental Health Awareness. Breaking down stigma and dogma through science & consciousness, to help individuals and organisation to heal faster and deeper around the globe. Rachel spent her childhood surrounded by nature and it's circadian rhythm, in a small village in the North West of England with her family & border collie dog. Life changed in her 20's as she moved into the world of Television where she spent the next 20+ years working with the most creative and inspirational people in their field. Her life in nature was combined with her life in the city and this enabled a continuous balance of peace, calm, excitement, inspiration and personal growth. Witnessing and dealing with thousands of people during her time there suffering daily 21+ burnout symptoms; breakdown of personal relationships & addiction; alongside the drive and desire to produce BAFTA and Emmy awards winning programmes Rachel was the safe place to go to help balance these extreme poles of possibility. She now combines her knowledge & creative inspiration of the TV world into her therapy business, giving you permission for all your wyrd (check out her podcast) bits to be as fun and exciting, as you wish with the latest quantum science behind it and learning along the way they are probably the most genius parts of you. Your Energy system is constantly changing and so are the modalities we use to help you keep regenerating into the Optimum Version of you. You will learn, use and receive skills and techniques of TARC EFT, EFT, MBIR, Hypnosis, Master NLP, Master Reiki, & TARC YOGA as Rachel combines the very best for you within her Optimum Health Map as well as navigating people to become Therapists in their own right. Please book your free no obligation chat today to see how we can Optimise your Life.

Contact Details:

Live4Energy Training College

Mobile: 07495 020972

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