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Yamazumi Chart Software, Easy Line Balancing From Your Standardized Work | GENEO | Milton Keynes

Yamazumi Chart Software, Easy Line Balancing From Your Standardized Work | GENEO | Milton Keynes


Standardised Work for Industry 4.0

Build and manage brilliant standards

Build, govern, train, track, optimise

Transforming Standardized Work, Competency Tracking, People Development

Build and manage brilliant standards
Build, govern, train, track, optimise

Build Standards - a One Best Way

A powerful platform for creating best practice Standardized Work. One place to define all aspects of Standardized Work. 

  • Build quality standards for your workplace 

  • Excellent UI/UX, 

  • Ability to define work instructions at the element level

  • 1:1:1 job element design methodology


Authorization and Governance - improve with confidence


You can build authorization sets that suit your organization.  All aspects of change are managed from versioning, change management and traceability.

  • Authorization process aligned to your organizational requirements

  • Management of Change

  • A robust version control process

  • Simple navigation through container-based document structure


Competency Tracking


Keep your people safe and build capability.  GEN-OPS1 provides you instant visibility of your skill sets in the workplace.

  • Automatic updates and process confirmation

  • Clear visibility of workforce capabilities

  • Never lose sight of your teams' skill set

  • Customizable skills matrices 

  • Effective for statutory training compliance


Manage the variation - error proof production


GEN-OPS1 absorbs the complexity of your operations and simplifies them for the workplace.

  • Define product derivative groupings

  • Set the relevance of product derivatives per the element sheet of your work instructions

  • Build variant versions of an element sheet


Manage Bill of Materials - improve accuracy


Use our BOM feature to ensure the accuracy of parts control and presentation in the workplace.

  • Attach parts to elements inside your work instructions to form your manufacturing Bill of Materials (mBOM)

  • Define which parts are consumed to build each assembly

  • Link assemblies to product derivatives

  • Upload and view your engineering Bill of Materials (eBOM)

  • Consolidate your uploaded eBOM with the computed mBOM to eliminate discrepancies


Deploy Digital Work Instructions


Go paperless and present operators with a step-by-step guide to performing work. GEN-OPS1 is your digital twin in the workplace.

  • A step-by-step guide to completing Standardized work

  • Access to reference materials and videos for training

  • Present the Key point and Reason Why

  • Confirmation of safety steps


Continuous Improvement


Capture ideas and concerns as you go, filling the hopper with opportunities to improve. All improvements automatically  linked to the Standardized Work. 

  • Capture ideas with Workspaces

  • Capture issues/problems

  • Hopper for the Standard

  • Ready to incorporate into the Standard


Process Confirmation - improving compliance


GEN-OPS1 provides digital process confirmation by presenting your standardized work in a usable format for confirming compliance.  Let us do the tricky stuff whilst you focus on the pillars of safety, quality and productivity.

  • Customizable thresholds of competency and adherence

  • Link process confirmation intervals to risk

  • Training and confirmation cycles auto generated based on competency

  • Auto complete competency records

  • Auto populated skills matrix based on process confirmation


Re-balance work with ease


Re-balancing work to meet your change in demand has never been so easy.  With a simple drag and drop feature, you can reallocate work between standards.

  • Drag and drop Job Element Sheets between standards

  • Track all changes made to all standards ready for authorisation

  • See the impact across products

  • Visual management of standards against the takt


NPI with control and velocity


A new feature from GEN-OPS1, offering New Product Introduction.  Schedule future changes without losing control of  your standardized work document management.

  • Use change masters to control change

  • Schedule change introduction to your standards

  • Full visibility of changes

  • Clarity of change sequence and links to change masters



  • Intuitive user experience

  • Excellent version control

  • Reliable change management

  • Cross-standard job element re-use

  • Easy navigation

  • Multi-feature notifications

  • Strong governance framework

  • Scalable deployment

  • Board-based workforce contribution ready 

  • Provides digital and paper-based work instructions

  • Out-of-the-box enterprise skills matrix

  • Informs individual development plans

  • Cost-effective SaaS architecture

  • Industry-standard cloud security

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