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Wholesale Clearance: LiquidNano MOBILE STERI-WIPE Sanitizer for mobile devices & surfaces Only £1.00

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LiquidNano MOBILE STERI-WIPE sanitizer for mobile devices & surfaces,

RRP: £5.00

NOW £1.00 (inc. VAT)

Part No: N/A

Condition: New

Supplier: Mutual Media

More Details:


LiquidNano MOBILE STERI-WIPE sanitizer for mobile devices & surfaces, disinfects for up to 10 days, Liquid glass anti-pathogen protection, effective against bacteria, COVID, viruses and fungi on contact.

What does this eluting coating do?

When pathogens like bacteria, viruses or fungi come into contact with the anti-pathogen coating they are destroyed. Daily maintenance of the coated phone is still recommended, simply wipe with a dry tissue or cloth. This technology is used extensively in the healthcare sector.

LiquidNano STERI-WIPE deposits a super thin layer of anti-pathogen Nano scale SiO2 (nano liquid glass) onto the surface of your device. Even after drying, this active layer will continue to eliminate pathogens. Preventing recontamination for up to 10 days.

Application instruction:

1. Clean and sanitise using one side of the wipe

2. Turn over the wipe. Use the "clean side" to complete the application process. Continue to wipe the device for a minimum of 10 seconds.

3. Wipe the mobile device with a dry cloth - your phone will be completely sanitised and protected after a few minutes


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