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Virtual Team Building Events Birmingham, Glasgow by Extraordinary Events

Virtual Events

Just because you cannot get together doesn’t mean you cannot have fun together

Sometimes you need an event that brings together everyone without the ability for them to travel to the same location – our virtual events are perfect for just those occassions. These are some of our more popular options:


Pitch your skills against both the other team and the dastardly mind behind the escape room. You are locked in a room with a box that is counting down ready to release poison gas.

The quiz

Our quiz mistress will guide them through, reward them for successes and punish them for failure Teams must solve questions or cryptic challenges. They discuss, agree and enter their answers to earn points if they get it right. Customised quiz masters available (Santa, Orcs etc)

Ideas exchange

Divided into virtual teams, they must develop ideas that will help drive workplace improvements. The objective is to earn maximum revenue through creating and investing in great ideas (from their own or other teams).


There has been a murder – due to the the police being unable to make it to the site, they need your teams help to uncovering the murderer. Armed with your murder APP and based in teams, you must uncover clues to understand the motive, opportunity and method.


Following a disaster/attack, teams are a seconded into a local disaster response group with the following objectives:

To produce a 7 day strategy plan & secondly:

  • Protection of the people

  • Establishment of law and order

  • Appraisal of logistics and supplies

And they are off

Race night meets social distancing as we load up each member of your team with a bundle of virtual cash which they bet on the outcome of a number of races (we have horse, greyhounds, afghans and even pig racing).

Pizza to go

Teams are tasked with running a pizza takeaway. Working in the same market as a number of other competitors each team will want to win as much of that market as it can.


The clock is ticking and time is short. Having landed somewhere in the mountains, teams must reach a certain location in order to be rescued. To achieve that goal there’s a lot to do! The pressure is on.


Representing the senior management team of a travel company with holidaymakers currently in Borneo, teams are faced with a series of problems from Dirk Hansen, courier on the trip. To deal with the problems and keep customer morale high the teams may need to spend money from the profits.

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