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Unlock Unlimited Networking: 100+ Online Global Events Monthly for Just £15! Boost Your Business Today!

Are you ready to seize the moment and dive into the world of online business networking events or jump on a free trial right now, to unlock a world of potential collaborations, industry insights, and game-changing connections for your business?

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For Event Access - Login From The 3 Options Below for Calenders

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Go Connections Affiliate Members can login here to go all the event calendars and members benefits area

Collaboration and Global Events

All Members and Collaboration Members can access the FULL Monthly Global Events Calendar Here

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All Free Trial and Guests can login here to access the Event Calendars that are available as part of their Trial.

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Per Month

  • Go Connections Branded Events In All Countries

  • 100+ Global Collaboration Events

  • Earn £5 per Month per Referred Member Using Our Affiliate Program

  • Keep Earning As Long As You Are Active

  • Add An Offer in the Offers From Members Page

  • No Contract Commitment

  • Access to Go Connections Business Heroes Offers and Discounts

Why is business networking important for every business?

Online Business Networking;

Business networking is essential for any business, as it allows companies to build strong relationships with other businesses, potential customers and industry insiders. It provides the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and resources that can be used to help each other grow.

Networking also allows businesses to create a larger presence in the marketplace, leading to increased visibility and brand recognition, which can help businesses to attract new customers and increase sales.

Additionally, networking helps businesses to stay informed of new industry trends, technologies and regulations, as well as to develop and strengthen their competitive advantages.

Ultimately, business networking can provide businesses with the opportunity to expand their reach, make valuable connections, and gain a competitive Online Business Networking.

Joining GO Connections is as easy as 1,2,3.
To Access the Events all 3 Parts of the Membership Process Must Be Completed
Part 1 – Register Your Details Part 2 – Complete Your Membership Details and Confirm your Subscription Part 3 – Check your Inbox to confirm your Username and Password

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