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THE MASTERCLASS SESSIONS LIVE Online Series 2023 - 25 October 2023 - Brian Hilliard

Mastermind Event, Wed 25 October 2023, 1.00pm - 3.00pm,How to Find & Win More Paid (and free) Speaking Engagements With Brain Hilaired | The Masterclass Session

25th October 2023, Our Speaker will show you how this Masterclass Session gives you :

  • 5 Essential Elements of a Signature Speech that are practically guaranteed to generate more paying clients from your very next free talk…so you can deliver a high value presentation that your audience loves AND attract paying clients along the way.

  • 3 Easy ways for making a revenue generating offer during your presentation…so you can book more paying clients while still being nice.

  • 1 Single mistake that most service based business owner speakers make…and how you can best avoid it.

  • And MUCH More

Are you a service professional who uses public speaking as a way of getting the word out about your coaching or consulting business?

Do you find audience members (and even event organizers) coming up to you afterwards saying what a “great job” you did at your presentations?

And yet despite all of those great reviews and kind words, have you found those free talks simply don’t always translate into as many paying clients as you’d like?

I know that was certainly the case for me when I started my coaching and speaking business in 2001…and even several years afterwards.

Which is why I during this talk I share some common mistakes that I’ve made over the years, along share some “best practices” on how as a Speaker, you can start generating more paying clients from your free talks…w/o being pushy or “salesy”.

So if you’re a Coach, Consultant or other Service Professional looking to get your message out to a wider audience through public speaking, while at the same time pick up some paying clients along the way WITHOUT being “salesy’, then this is a session you don’t want to miss.

Why Brian Hilliard

Brian Hilliard is a Popular Speaker, Coach & Author of the best-selling book Networking Like a Pro, and "How to Overachieve w/o Over Committing".

As a graduate of Duke University, he specializes in showing Speakers how to generate more revenue from their public speaking activities. Whether that's getting paid to speak or getting more paying clients from free talks, Brian leverages his 20+ years as a Speaker into an actionable framework that people can use right away.

Brian started his speaking and coaching business in 2001, where during that time he has written 8 Books, published 300+ Podcast Episodes, while speaking to over 400 audiences in the areas of Marketing, Mindset & Leadership.

Some of Brian’s work has appeared nationally in Entrepreneur Magazine, Black Enterprise, and the Martha Zoller Morning Show – where his interview was broadcast to over 2 million listeners.

Brian has 2 dogs (Nero & Baxter), a slightly over-sized cat (Willow), 2 indoor cats who used to be outdoor cats (Luna & Angel), and a loving partner (Deb), who have encouraged and supported him over the years.

When not speaking or coaching, Brian enjoys playing golf, watching basketball and taking in as many movies as possible on NetFlix!
We are really excited that The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online Series is available for all Businesses Worldwide and for our Members and Guests.


Before you purchase you should consider the Membership OPTION below -


1 - LIVE Online Masterclass Sessions Series (11 per year)

2 - LIVE Online Series Ticket Price £50.00 per Online Masterclass Session (minimum £550.00 per year)

3 - Basic Level One Membership £26.00 per month (annually £312.00 per year)

4 - Members Only Access to Video Recordings of previous Masterclass Sessions

5 - We will plant a tree for every NEW and Renewing Member - to help with Carbon Offsetting

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8 - FREE Holiday Voucher to the value of £1500 - 4 star Trip Advisor Apartment Accommodation in over 30 Countries

Added Benefit of being a member -

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Spread the cost of your Masterclass Sessions to help your CASHFLOW over the year or just pay Annually.

Choose your membership option here - Become a member here or find out more...

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