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Standardized Work and Keeping Everyone in the Loop | GENEO

Standardized Work and Keeping Everyone in the Loop By GENEO

One of the most challenging aspects of keeping standardized work up to date for manufacturing companies is ensuring that all employees are aware of and adhere to the updated procedures.

Additionally, it can be difficult to constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the standardized work and make the necessary adjustments promptly. This requires a continuous improvement mindset and a commitment to regularly reviewing and updating processes to ensure optimal efficiency and quality in the production process. GENEO's GEN-OPS can help.

Comprehensive training and communication are not just necessary, they empower workers. They ensure that everyone is up to speed and capable of following the correct guidelines, contributing to the operation's overall success.

When a standard is changed and shared, this is the best opportunity to harvest ideas for further improvement from the person who knows it best, the one performing it.

With GENEO's GEN-OPS, Trainees and Users of a Standard are not only alerted to any changes made to it in an easy-to-read and configurable real-time Skills Matrix but during the Process Confirmation, their further ideas for improvement are also captured against the Standard so they are never lost. When these contributions are implemented, the person who suggested them is empowered to see their contribution to achieving a better or safer way of working for the company.

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