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Spiritual Healing and Reiki Treatment Norwich | Little Shop of Healing

Spiritual Healing and Reiki Treatment

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Hi, I'm Josh and I help you clear your energy blocks. Whether you're stuck in life and need some intuitive coaching that will get you going in the direction you need to be in again, or you don't wish to offload everything I also offer a range of healing treatments including Reiki which can help you feel freer and better about yourself.

Reiki is a powerful energy healing system which has been used to help you with struggling ailments or even if you just need to rest properly and your life isn't letting you. Sometimes there isn't an obvious answer to what's affecting you, or you don't even want to talk about it.

If you want to take your healing journey and development further, I also teach Reiki!

Come and learn about:

- Self-healing

- Your chakras and energy

- Meditation skills and experiences

- Japanese healing techniques

- How to build a sustainable business with it

So come and take some time out with me and I'll show you the benefits of healing.

Drop me a message or email me at

Mobile: 07862097141

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