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Soft Tissue Therapy and Massage in Manchester | MoveTrue

Soft Tissue Therapy and Massage in Manchester by MoveTrue


MoveTrue utilises many types of soft tissue management techniques with sports massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, Functional Range Release (FR) and myofacsial release all being options during a session when the therapist sees it as necessary.

Sports massage and all of these other soft tissue inputs provide a window of opportunity for you to progress and achieve good quality movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be sports person to have treatment with MoveTrue?

No. We treat anyone and everyone no matter what your level of activity, age or background. We aim to assist people in moving better and restore physical function in any areas of concern.

Will I have time to do the exercises prescribed to me?

That’s ENTIRELY up to you! Specific routines given as homework will generally take between 10 mins and 30 mins a day of your time. To create biological change within human tissues there has to be consistent directional forces put through them over a period of time. If creating change is a priority for you, then you should prioritise doing the exercises daily.

Will exercises be prescribed specifically for me?

Absolutely. Exercises will be prescribed for you based on the findings of your 1-1 assessment/treatment to ensure fast and long-lasting improvement.

How is FR treatment different to a sports massage?

Functional Release treatment is far from a massage in that it is significantly more accurate when locating and identifying tightness and tension in areas of tissue. This comprehensive system uses assessment, palpation and force application both passively (by the therapist) or actively (by the client).

What is a typical treatment like?

It depends on the issue presented and the goal of the client, but expect to do a little bit of active work as well as recieving various types of soft tissue treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

The severity of the injury/dysfunction and/or the goal(s) of the client will dictate how many sessions are required. The techniques used during sessions are highly effective and, provided the exercises prescribed are carried out, tissue quality and overall function will rapidly improve. 


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Phone: 07717784394

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