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Sciatica Pain Removal in Preston | Injury fix

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Sciatica Pain Removal Preston

New Vision Therapy by Injury-Fix: A ground breaking approach to physical & emotional health & wellbeing

By: Rob Molyneux BSc

A New Vision Therapist 2 Royal Avenue, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 1BQ

Sciatica Pain Remover


I’m Rob and I want to help you live your best life by restoring balance to your body and fixing those pains that prevent you from completing everyday tasks and doing the things you enjoy the most.

I love the simplicity and the mechanics of the Central Nervous Systems (CNS) comprising the brain, spinal cord and its protective membranous housing.

Diagnostically, I’ve found conventional medicine lacking in two main ways:

Firstly, we often treat the symptom and not the root cause;

Secondly, we can be quite limited to primarily working with what we can see. If nothing shows up on x-rays, in blood results or scans, it’s not possible to formulate an evidence-based treatment programme.

That’s why I developed New Vision Therapy here at Injury Fix. It provides a valuable tool in situations like this to help fill in the blanks, providing an accurate assessment of what’s wrong at the very beginning of your first session and enabling me to pinpoint where your body is out of alignment so I can bring it back into balance.


  • Free assessment and consultation

  • Fully insured

  • Car park

  • Full fitness studio for rehabilitation

  • Treatments from just £35 to £45 in line with chiropractic type treatments

Targets the root cause

New Vision by Injury-Fix therapists aim to accurately assess the “root cause” of the problem, and not get caught up firefighting associated symptoms.​

Compliments conventional medicine

Our treatment is not there to replace conventional medical wisdom, but it is perfectly designed to complement and work alongside it – especially where no clear medical diagnosis is available.​

Combines a number of Methods

New Vision Therapy by Injury-Fix is a combination of modern, science-backed techniques, used in conjunction with ancient therapies that our ancestors have been using for thousands of years.

The role of a New Vision Therapist: Accurately identify & release restrictions which have a negative influence on the balanced function of the Central Nervous System

Suitable for anyone

Adults, Children, Babies and Sports Athletes – New Vision Therapy specialises in helping people with often medically undiagnosable symptoms

A revolutionary treatment for PTSD, ADHD, Anxiety & Fibromyalgia

Groundbreaking techniques to help people suffering with PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Fibromyalgia and much much more.

Fully accredited and certified by the FHT

Treating, teaching and mentoring people around the World


The following testimonials are a small selection from an extensive catalogue of satisfied customers

Free of debilitating condition

I suffered from sciatica for nine months. So I decided to visit Rob Mloyneux at Injury Fix. What a good decision that was! After three sessions I am free of the debilitating condition. I can't thank Rob enough. Maybe I should have gone to him sooner.

Incredible! Pain gone after 2 treatments

Hi I am Carren, CEO of Lagans Foundation. I met Rob a few weeks ago. I was in pain all over. I couldn't sit down and I was in a mess. I tried all other therapies and when I tried Rob I wasn't expecting much. However!! Two months later after 2 treatments of his NVT the pain has completely gone. Incredible. First class. I highly recommend him. Carren CEO Lagans Foundation

His transformation has just been remarkable

Hi Rob I had a chat with my son recently; he has now got a new girlfriend, new car and a house to live in. His transformation has just been remarkable . Many thanks to you and New Vision Therapy . I know you don’t do labels but his treatment for his ADHD has been life changing. I am super impressed and grateful. Chris

No longer need spinal surgery after having NVT

I am a very fit and active 75 year old and last year I was out jogging when I put my foot in a pothole and damaged my back . I have torn a disc split a dist and have a bulging disc. This was the last straw for my long term wear and tear and after the fall it got steadily worse until I was in constant pain and had trouble with any activity even walking and transitioning from siting. Sleep was difficult and I went seeking medical help . I was told I may need spinal surgery and at least a spinal block which I was on the waiting list for. After my 1st NVT treatment from Rob I am almost completely pain free I had immediate relief and now just have slight discomfort after sitting for long period. I have all my every abilities back and small things like putting on socks is no longer a problem . I am amazed and thrilled so much that I have taken myself off the waiting list for the the spinal block . Thank you Rob you are a life saver.

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Call: 07775 505806

Registered Office: 2 Royal Avenue, Leyland, Lancashire, PR251BQ


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