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Performing a Yamazumi | GENEO!

Performing a Yamazumi By GENEO!

Performing a Yamazumi analysis on a production line typically involves the following steps:

1. Create a cross-functional team

2. Choose a representative workday

3. Record the process cycle times, work content, and number of operators involved.

4. Create a process map

5. Break down tasks into smaller elements to calculate the work content.

6. Calculate work content per operator

7. Create a Yamazumi chart to highlight overburdening.

8. Analyse the Yamazumi chart to redistribute work and improve efficiency.

9. Develop an implementation plan to change work content

10. Implement changes

11. Monitor and sustain improvements

Among the 11 steps required to perform a Yamazumi analysis on a production line, the one that organisations find the most challenging is step 8, which is to analyse the Yamazumi chart to redistribute work and improve efficiency. This step involves reviewing the visual representation of the work distribution across the production line and identifying areas where work is distributed unevenly or where improvements should be made to maximise the value.

GEN-OPS significantly helps with steps 3 through 10, but it makes step 8 particularly easy.

By leveraging digital tools, such as GEN-OPS, your organisation can significantly enhance the speed, accuracy, and effectiveness of performing a Yamazumi analysis on a production line. This leads to more informed decision-making and continuous improvement efforts. GEN-OPS simplifies complex data and provides real-time insights, making the rebalancing process more efficient and effective.

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