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Modern Electric Radiators, Lancashire by HeatElectric Ltd

Enjoy maximum comfort and affordable running costs with what’s considered the best in German electric radiator solutions.

Electric Radiator Solutions

German efficiency at its best. Simply ELKATHERM®

With more than 60 years’ manufacturing expertise ELKATHERM®’s innovation has a head start on the right systems for the future.

The secret to our eco friendly electric heating solutions is a ceramic, fireclay core. Its performance easily beats inefficient and expensive systems that rely on heating stored water using gas.

ELKATHERM®’s fireclay core heats to its optimum working temperature in minutes and stays warm for hours with minimal, off-peak top ups. That’s more warmth, more sustainably and for less cost.

Our electric radiator solutions have simple-to-use advanced technology and reliability backed by guarantee.

- Simple Installation
- Clean & Efficient
- Easy to Control
- Wide Range of Colours

Modern Electric Radiator Features & Benefits

There are many types of electric radiators on the market, but at Heat Electric our ELKATHERM® electric heating solutions really stand out offering excellent performance and value for money

How much do Electric Radiators cost?

ELKATHERM radiators are A++ energy rated and their smart core electric heating systems represent great value for money.

Genuine German engineering at its best, built to last and designed to give years of trusted service. Such is the faith that ELKATHERM is fit for purpose that the product is backed by perhaps the best manufacturers guarantee in the industry. More reliable than an air source heat pump, we can provide energy efficient electric heating that is guaranteed to provide your home, shop or office with comfortable warmth.

Typical prices for upgrading to an ELKATHERM electric heating system would be £2000-£6000 for a flat, £4000-9000 for a house and upwards for a complete ELKATHERM electric heating system in a larger property.

You can call our office to consult us about the likely cost of ELKATHERM in your own home or take advantage of our home survey for an accurate and exact quotation. We remove your old system, carry out any plumbing or electrical work required, install the correct sized heaters positioned to get the best out of our unique blend of comfortable radiated and convected warmth. This transformation can be achieved as a total replacement of your existing heating system or taken in smaller bite size changes and upgrades over a period of time.

The S Series

The all-rounder

The all-rounder, a true ELKATHERM® classic.

Versatile, practical and powerful, these radiators suit most room types.

Choose from 500 to 3000 W, nine different power ratings and five sizes for installation in virtually any room. The S series work effectively as main or booster heaters.

If you favour electric panel storage heaters to replace outdated and ugly night storage heaters or a gas floor heating system, the S range will keep you warm and cosy – and look good.

The electric heaters of the S series can be fitted with any thermostat, castors, and feet as well as hand towel rails (max. 2 Style rails).

With the benefit of fast warm-up and long-wave heat radiation, you have more choice, more control.

Set your radiators’ thermostats to maintain your optimum room temperature, which you can vary room by room.

The SN Series

The small spaces specialist

Big benefits for small spaces.

This versatile radiator range gives you multiple options and will fit even the smallest room in the house.

With instant, controllable heat the SN Series is clean and stylish.

SN series models offer 500 to 2500 W output, benefit from seven different power settings, come in five sizes and are perfect where heat is needed but space is scarce.

With a height of only 60cm, they are great for conservatories and can be used as mobile electric panel storage heaters when fitted on casters.

All electric panel storage heaters of the SN series are available with thermostats and can be fitted with fixed feet or castors, as well as Standard or Swing towel rails (suitable for small towels only).

The SL Series

This series of 1000 to 2500 W space-saver vertical radiators was developed especially for bathrooms and hallways, corridors, stairwells, and entrances.

The eye-catching designs look good and their F1 performance provides fast and effective heating.

They also come with a choice of optional towel holders (up to three rails) to ensure warm, fluffy towels in the bathroom.

They are water resistant thanks to the silicone impregnated fireclay storage core and high-quality powder coating; great for wet rooms.

The SL Glass models feature frosted or mirrored glass fronts that can be customised with decorative designs or even lettering elements. Available in various colours, the safety glass panels can be simply screwed to the electric heaters.

The SL series heaters can be fitted with any thermostat. Due to their height, they must be secured to the wall.

The SD Series

The power lifter

Our most powerful performer.

Choose from 1000 to 3000 watts and three sizes. The double fireclay storage core offers quick response and efficient heating - even in the largest spaces. They’re in their element, keeping temperatures where they should be – whether they’re heating a studio, loft, or corridor.

Big on power, small on space.

The compact dimensions, a radiator depth of just 13cms, means they blend into your room and work effectively and efficiently in harmony with your colour schemes and furnishings.

The secret of fast, even heat distribution is in the waffle-like rib structure which maximises the heating surface area.

SD series radiators can be fitted with any thermostat, castors, and feet as well as Standard or Swing towel rails.

The SK Series

The smart under-sill radiator

Perfect for a room with a view.

If you have large windows, floor to ceiling glass walls, a conservatory or orangery, the SK Series is for you.

The slim, under sill radiator designs are unobtrusive and incredibly effective.

Powered by a direct connection via a standard 230 v circuit or power outlet means you avoid costly installation work.

The integrated single segment shut-off safety feature gives you peace of mind too. What that means is, if you leave a piece of clothing hanging on the radiator for example, the radiator adjusts itself to prevent overheating.

SK series’ models offer 1000 to 2500 W output yet are just 24 cm high. In addition to working with oversize windows they are perfect for attic rooms where wall space is limited. They are ideal for home offices or garden rooms. The smallest model will fit neatly under a desk.

The SK series’ electric radiators are available with fixed feet, castors and plug-in

What our customers say

We've completed hundreds of ELKATHERM® installations for valued customers across the UK.


On the day of installation - no mess, we didn't even need to do any decorating! We have a 25 year guarantee too and our bills have actually dropped. I would definitely recommend it!

Our Modern Electric Radiator Range

Enjoy maximum comfort and affordable running costs with what’s considered the best in German electric heating systems.

Efficiency, value, controllability and looks are probably pretty high on your list when exploring new electric radiator solutions.

ELKATHERM® German electric radiators tick all those boxes and that’s why we use ELKATHERM® at Heat Electric. Our system gives you quality German engineering from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in modern electric storage heating technology.

Electric radiators provide stylish, highly controllable heating for any space in your home – that’s why our energy efficient electric radiators come in lots of shapes and sizes, as well as a huge range of colours to choose from.

Electric Radiator Solutions

Choose from a huge range of shapes and sizes – wide, tall, compact, single or dual core radiators.

Whatever your style, ELKATHERM® electric radiators will bring warmth to even the coldest rooms.

Stuck for space? Our compact range measures just 23cm high, perfect for underneath large windows, or our dual core range is perfect for rooms with limited space. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s an ELKATHERM® radiator to suit.

Call us today to book your free home survey on 0808 164 0466.

Common Questions about Electric Radiators

How much energy will my radiators consume?

Once up to temperature your heater will typically draw between 15 and 17 minutes of electricity per hour to top up the core and maintain a constant temperature.

Why are ELKATHERM® radiators fluted?

ELKATHERM® fluted radiators offer 5-times the surface area to radiate heat and spread convected warmth. The result is no cold spots, providing a silent, comfortable environment

What are ceramic core radiators?

Ceramic core radiators contain a heating element embedded into super dense ceramic fireclay. This means there are no air gaps and they remain moisture-free.In practical use, the direct heat transfers from the heating element to fireclay for rapid heating.

Are ELKATHERM® radiators complicated to control?

ELKATHERM® radiators offer fingertip control for efficiency, comfort, confidence and zero waste. Once up to temperature, the smart radiators use minimal energy to maintain heat. Fully controllable with your smart phone – or use the manual option

What are the most energy efficient radiators?

ELKATHERM® smart-core radiators are A++ energy rated, and can heat any home, any size, quickly and efficiently. Once up to temperature the heater will typically draw between 15-17 minutes of electricity per hour to top up the core and maintain the ideal temperature.

What does complete control mean?

ELKATHERM heating systems allow you to control each room individually. No heating rooms you don’t use and the smart radiators ensure better energy efficiency once rooms are at the right temperature. Your heating can be controlled remotely using our latest smartphone app – so if your plans change, you can keep on top of energy consumption at home, wherever you are.

More about Modern Electric Radiators

Our range of ELKATHERM® electric bathroom radiators and Fondital electric heated towel radiators offer high performance bathroom heating solutions

ELKATHERM® offers church under pew heaters that fit in seamlessly with the fabric of the building, with no need for costly or difficult retrofits.

Do you choose something that blends in or leaps out? Subtle shade or daring statement the choice is yours.

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