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Merchant Cash Advance Service Manchester | FFP Foleys Faster Payment

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A merchant cash advance gives you flexibility in repayments that a standard business loan does not.
With a standard business loan, you have a schedule of set payments. These payments need to be paid whether your business has a good month or not.

Our MCA’s provide your business with easy to set up, stress-free finance.

How does it work?

Repayments for your MCA are only due when your business gets paid.

This means that if payments for some reason do not get paid on the due date then your MCA does not get paid either. With payment terms catered to suit your needs, your business can grow without the worries and stress that can come with traditional finance methods.

Repayments that are dependent on your cash flow

More funds to run your business.

If you are making higher volumes of sales on certain days, then a slightly higher percentage will be taken from your balance, meaning it will be cleared quicker. If you are having a quiet month, we take a smaller percentage of your card sale repayments, leaving you with more funds to run your business.

The benefits of Merchant Cash Advance finance

Our process could not be simpler!

Get started in three easy steps

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Eligibility criteria does apply. You must have a trading history of at least three months and currently be taking payment online or via your card machine. It doesn’t have to be an FFP machine. Our cash advance application is open to all.

Repayments are reflective of your takings, if some months you take more than others, your repayments are flexible as a percentage of takings. So overall repayment depends on the size of the funding, the repayment percentage and your card turnover. There are no fixed monthly payments.

We will carry out a soft search that won’t impact your credit score. It will only show that a Financial Services Advisor has performed a search.

The amount you’re eligible for depends on your monthly revenue and how long your business has been operating. We review your application to find and get the maximum amount available to you. You’ll get a quote once you’ve input these details at the start of the application process. However, your initial quote may vary from the final amount awarded.

The maximum repayment period available is one year, typically to be repaid within 6-9 months.

No. You will only pay back the percentage of your takings agreed up front.



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