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Lead Generation & Appointment Setting In London | Noledge Cloud

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Lead Generation & Appointment Setting In London

Story About Us

We come along way. Our founder entered the start up world launching small businesses since University time. Noledge is the final product of 10 years of experience connecting with people of various background and countries, negotiating business deals across several industries and sharpening sales & marketing processes along this journey. Communication is an art, it is at the basis of building relationships. Connecting with people and developing trust is a result of the communication we deliver., which, although is an ever-changing art, its core principles never change. When we develop businesses we do it with two ingredients in mind; Love & Technology. The former comes from genuine passion and curiosity. Curiosity drives questions and questions leads to human connections. It is connections that brings opportunities. When we add technology to the equation we are capable to deliver opportunities with speed, ease and certainty. We have been helping businesses to grow with our “connection generator” formula and knowledge is the facilitator and the enabler.

Our Strategy.

Focusing on lead generation combining 3 different channels. Linkedin, Emails, Calls. We are a data driven company that is able to offer competitive prices due to the use of technology.

The Ai personalized out reach messaging creation & the Buyer Intent, both enables us to reach your target faster, capturing leads when they are shopping for the exact product you sell.


Supporting on sales methods & strategies, sharing scripts, processes and best practice.


Desired outcomes guaranteed, so you can plan your sales pipeline.


Outreach messaging sequence writing on multiple marketing channels.

We Accelerate your Future.

Our strategy to generate connections & leads simply work. This is the REASON why we GUARANTEE the results. We guarantee a No. of appointments, based on selected plan, OR we will work for free until that No. is reached.

Our Services


  • We build targeted and qualified lists of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

  • Send connections to hundreds of your ideal prospects every month.

  • Write clear and personal cold outreach messages that actually get responses.

LINKEDIN Outreach & Appointment Booking

  • We take over the manual communication with your prospects once they reply.

  • We book appointments on your behalf so you just focus on closing deals.

MULTICHANNEL Outreach & Appointment Booking

  • We handle the outreach campaign, combining email & Linkedin.

  • Leverage AI software to personalize messages & unveil buying intent.

MULTICHANNEL with Calling & Appointment Booking

  • Benefit from multichannel & A/B testing to optimize & maximize your campaign.

  • Calling prospects on mobile to further increase the appointment booking rate.

Onboarding workflow

Enjoy painless and smooth onboarding process with your dedicated Account Manager.

Step 1

Fill in a form describing your business and requirements

Step 2

Provide Us with Linkedin& Email Login

Step 3

Approve the messages we will send for you & The DB we reach out to

noledge cloud

Pressure is on us because once started we owe you the minimum guaranteed appointments, otherwise you will be charged the following month, until the guaranteed target is met. Start risk free with us. Let's chat


8 Manbey Park Road,

Phone: +44 (0) 7400 338882

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