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Keeping Everyone Aware of Changes to Standards | GENEO

Keeping Everyone Aware of Changes to Standards By GENEO

Ensuring that everyone in an organisation is aware of changes to standards is crucial for maintaining compliance, quality, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Here are some of how GEN-OPS can help to communicate changes effectively:

1. Utilise a Centralised Communication Platform GEN-OPS is a central hub that makes all updates easily accessible and visualises the journey that every standard takes.

2. Regular Training Sessions Our Process Confirmation functionality encourages periodic training sessions focusing on new standards and highlighting any changes from previous guidelines.

3. Clear and Concise Documentation GEN-OPS creates a standard for your standards, making them familiar to the reader, clear, well-organised, and easily accessible. The process steps can then be presented to employees in a familiar format to help them quickly grasp the essential information.

4. Regular Notifications GEN-OPS immediately notifies employees when standards change, flagging when retraining is required on a constantly updated skills matrix.

5. Employee Involvement in Improvement GEN-OPS empowers employees to challenge the standards they perform by allowing them to provide feedback and suggest process improvements.

6. Leadership Endorsement Committing to a comprehensive system to manage all aspects of standardisation for a business demonstrates top leadership commitment to Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, and its People. It underlines the importance of following processes and encouraging a culture of adherence.


Keeping everyone in an organisation aware of changes to standards demands a structured approach. By leveraging technology, prioritising clear communication, and fostering an environment of continuous learning and feedback, organisations can maintain high standards and ensure that everyone is on the journey.

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