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Instant Hot Water System in Lancashire by HeatElectric Ltd

Sunamp Heat Batteries

The Sunamp water heater range is super compact, delivering excellent pressure hot water safely and quietly with cost efficient thermal storage

Instant Hot Water System

Sunamp Water Heater With A Thermal Store

Given that the majority of our home energy usage goes towards producing heat, Sunamp’s instant hot water system provides you with a more compact, more cost effective, low carbon solution to heating your water.

Our thermal heat store can be charged using any energy source. You can off-set peak energy costs by charging your thermal heat store with cheaper off-peak electricity, or divert energy from your solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. Once charged, the heat can be released instantly when needed, delivering hot water during peak times.

As a unique ERP A+ rated system and available sizes and capacities to perfectly suit you exact hot water requirements and specific property size.

Sunamp Features & Benefits

  • Super compact and highly efficient

  • Stores four times more heat than water does

  • Mains pressure instant hot water whenever needed

  • Fully controllable, low carbon & environmentally friendly

  • Safe, quiet, super insulated and maintenance free

  • Unique phase change material patented technology

  • Future proof & fully compatible with Economy 7, Solar PV and thermal storage

  • 10-year manufacturers warranty

  • Tested to 50,000 cycles approx. 50 years of average use with no degradation

  • Maximises your energy charge to minimise your fuel bill

  • Developed alongside Edinburgh University

  • RAL Certified by the German Institute for Quality Assurance

How much does Sunamp cost?

Sunamp heat batteries are our choice for domestic hot water, replacing bulky and inefficient old immersion tanks with a space saving thermal heat store that is energy efficient and suffers from almost no heat loss whatsoever.

Sunamp prices (including installation and removal of your old equipment) range from around £3000 - £5000 and there are specific Sunamp models which will work really well with solar PV.

Sunamp Heat Batteries, the future of thermal energy storage

Thousands of Sunamp thermal batteries are already in UK homes, storing heat from low-carbon energy sources and releasing it for mains-pressure hot water when needed.

They are replacing and out-performing outmoded traditional hot water cylinders.

Up to four times smaller than the equivalent hot water cylinder, Sunamp delivers an economical and space-saving hot water solution for today’s homes or public buildings.

Cost effective and clean the units are flexible enough to work with any power source, including solar pv and grid electricity.

Easy To Install And Kinder To The Environment.

Our sunamp water heaters have a predicted lifespan of more than 50 years, the batteries need no mandatory routine servicing and (where you have them) help overcome the challenges of renewables’ intermittent energy levels – they are also excellent value for money.

How Our Instant Hot Water System Works

Use standard or off-peak tariffs to charge the system. Stored heat can then be released for economical hot water on demand.

Traditional electric water heating systems don’t have the capability to deliver hot water intelligently. They simply heat a large volume of stored water and keep topping it up. Whether you use that water or not, the system carries on topping up heat, and you carry on paying.

There’s a better way. In fact, Sunamp Thermino is better in every way.

Sunamp water heating delivers instant fast flowing hot water on demand. Your Sunamp heat battery continues to store all that heat gleaned from renewables or off the grid at low tariff much, much longer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Water enters the system cold, the Sunamp heat battery is heated using energy at off peak/low tariff from the grid or an alternative renewables source, then stores the heat for much, much longer.

  • When you want hot water, the cold water is instantly heated as it passes through the unit and available at the same water pressure as the cold feed.

  • So now you have a cheaper, better and more controllable system that works with you.

Sunamp Thermino Quality

A range of options to suit any home

The Thermino range comes in 70, 150 and 210 sizes, which are industry-friendly litres-equivalent measurements to allow for direct comparison with traditional hot water cylinders they replace.

The use of vacuum insulation gives Thermino thermal batteries industry-leading energy efficiency including class leading A+ rated models across the full range of sizes.

Quality that lasts a lifetime

Sunamp is the only heat battery manufacturer in the world to be awarded A Grade RAL Certification, the independent quality mark, and the only global standard for Phase Change Management (PCM) and PCM products.

The award confirms performance with no noticeable degradation to 10,000 cycles – the equivalent of more than 13 years of daily hot water use (2 cycles per day). Sunamp’s own testing confirmed performance to more than 40,000 cycles, equivalent to 55 years of daily use.

Choose your Sunamp Thermino

A range of efficient electric hot water system to suit any home or application

Thermino e

The smart way to heat water, especially when combined with an off-peak tariff.

Available in three sizes that can be combined to perfectly match the hot water requirements of every home:

  • 70e

  • 150e

  • 210e

Thermino ePV (Flexible dual energy source for intelligent choices)

Replaces a direct cylinder to deliver hot water efficiently from solar PV. And when solar needs a little help, the system uses grid electricity. It uses off-peak grid electricity to top up the charge, better for your purse, better for the planet.

PV ready heat batteries also keep heating costs down by pre-heating water for combi boilers:

  • 70ePV

  • 150ePV

  • 210ePV

We're here to help

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Personal service is important to us. We think national but act local. Contact us today for a free, no obligation home visit and survey.

Common Questions about Hot Water

What are Sunamp Thermal Batteries?

Sunamp is the first and only heat battery manufacturer in the world to be awarded A Grade RAL Certification, the independent quality mark and the only global standard for Phase Change Material (PCM) and PCM products.

Sunamp's heat batteries are already replacing hot water cylinders and cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions in thousands of homes across the UK.

What's the benefit over a traditional heating system?

Sunamp is energy efficient, compact and delivers hot water at mains pressure filling baths quicker.

Can Sunamp thermal batteries be used along with solar?

Yes, Sunamp thermal batteries provide an option to divert energy from Solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources.

What is Sunamp suitable for?

Sunamp is perfect for homes, landlords and commercial businesses.

Are HeatElectric approved Sunamp installers?

Yes! HeatElectric’s experienced installation teams are approved expert Sunamp installers.

Contact Details:

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0808 164 0466

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