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Innovative Property Management Solutions Blackpool | PPS Property Management

Updated: Apr 3

Innovative Property Management Solutions Blackpool By PPS Property Management

Property Management Experts Blackpool

PPS Property Management Ltd Blackpool is composed of a team of professional property Investors, and specialise in supporting property investors throughout their career, with education, advice and support from start to finish. We proudly share over three decades of experience, and serve Blackpool, as well as its surrounding locations. We've partnered with a variety of property owners to assist them in making smart investments and handling the day-to-day management to ensure maximum profits and ultimate simplicity. If you own a property in or around Blackpool, then why not get in touch with PPS Property Management Ltd for fully comprehensive and reliable property management services? We make owning properties simple.

Earn More, Spend Less

At PPS Property Management, our aim is to provide support for Investor Landlords, to ensure Good Quality Housing through raising standards while ensuring WIN WIN success for all, to remove Low Quality Housing to create Healthy Environments through Secure & Safe Investments.

Ongoing financial services

Day-to-day tenant relations

Property repairs and maintenance

Advertise your property to the ideal tenants


PPS Property Management is a Blackpool based property management company with a focus on quality and affordability. With years of managing properties for different clients across numerous sectors, our reputation has grown beyond expectation. We are currently based in Thornton-Cleveleys and are one of the most reputable property management companies in the area.

Property Analysis Services

Property management is a full-time job, and you need to perform extensive market research to better understand what your property is worth and what you might be able to do to improve it. PPS Property Management Ltd can serve as your real estate marketing experts by performing an in-depth property analysis that lets you know exactly what you could rent your property for to attract guests. We also will help you create a plan for action to improve and elevate your property to earn even more and attract a higher quality of clientele. If you’re interested in our property analysis services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Property Maintenance & Repairs

Maintaining a rental property isn't quite like managing your own home. You have an obligation to a number of tenants with their own renter's rights and the expectation that their living space will hold up over time. That means that you as the owner should have relationships with vendors, workers, and contractors that are prepared to remedy issues and make necessary repairs the moment an issue arises. Failure to address an issue quickly not only risks compounding the problem, but it can create financial liability between you and your tenants. 

With PPS Property Management Ltd, we aim to handle all aspects of your building maintenance and repairs, and reliably handle these connections for you as well as maintenance requests from clients to ensure your rental property is functional and up-to-date.

Tenant Relations & Management

One of the more challenging aspects of being a property owner is screening potential tenants and managing ongoing tenant relations. A bad tenant can do more than cause headaches, but can lose you money and cause a potential negative impact between you and your other tenants. A good tenant needs to be reliable, responsible, and be able to respect the rules of living within your rental property. 

PPS Property Management Ltd will handle all of these aspects of tenant relations including the initial interview, rent collection, maintenance requests, and eviction if necessary. Our fully comprehensive tenant relation services means you can focus on more important matters. You don't need to be a professional when it comes to handling clients, because with PPS Property Management Ltd in Blackpool, no one can do it better than we can.

Why You Need to Invest in Property Management.

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