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Indoor Golf Venue With A Trackman Golf Simulator Ipswich, Suffolk | The Golfing Hub

Welcome to The Golfing Hub

Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, The Golfing Hub is an indoor golf venue with a Trackman Golf Simulator, a club fitting studio along with club and accessory sales. The Golfing Hub’s primary objective is to provide the best customer service possible to our clients. We will be driven by your success, not how many clubs we sell. With our team at The Golfing Hub, we have all the credentials to help you enjoy your game more, we have a first class club build room and the latest Trackman simulator technology to help bring these improvements to your game.

We also have PGA Coaches available for lessons and we hope that the combination of club fitting, building and coaching will raise the level of your game and ultimately your enjoyment.

Why are we different from other club fitting facilities?

That’s easy, we have everything for custom club fittings including Trackman 4 golf simulator, a fully kitted out club build room with all new build equipment including a digital frequency analysis, add to this we have an indoor simulator room which has Trackman 4 for playing golf indoors. In simple terms we have it all.

So please get in touch and don’t miss out on this amazing facility!

At the Golfing Hub our aim is to provide a service that is second to none. We will add that personal touch, we are not a corporate machine with layers of systems. We are here to help you. Our primary focus is not to sell clubs no matter what, it’s to improve your enjoyment and fit the best clubs for your swing.

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Contact Details:

Queens Park House

Felixstowe Road




IP10 0DQ

The Golfing Hub is open

10am - 4pm by telephone appointments only.

4pm to 10pm by online booking system.

Weekends by online booking system 3 days in advance

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