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Improving Lifestyle With Lean In London | Being Lean

Updated: Nov 25, 2023


Lean is a methodology for improving efficiency and reducing waste that stems from manufacturing and business processes. Lean manufacturing techniques have been applied in various industries to improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Living a Lean Lifestyle will enable you to make improvements to your daily life, which include saving time, improving the quality of your life, saving money and more! By looking at your daily processes, a Lean Lifestyle can be applied to everything you do, from something as simple as cooking a meal to jet setting around the world!

Want to see how a Lean Lifestyle can help you? Take the challenge and find out now!

Hi, I’m Michelle Leong and I’m a self-confessed Lean fanatic, but only because I’m so focused on doing what makes me happy and living life to the fullest.

I am a dedicated Lean practitioner with almost 20 years experience in changing people’s lives and businesses for the better. I was part of the team that introduced lean to the construction industry in a government-funded Construction Lean Improvement Programme (CLIP).

I also helped translate and developed the Business Improvement Technique (BIT) NVQ qualification into Construction from the manufacturing industry and hold the highest level in that qualification and am an accredited assessor.

My biggest passion – aside from Lean living of course – is traveling. I’ve travelled to a total of 50 countries and have around 150 cities under my travel belt and, being a massive foodie too, restaurant and cuisine sampling along the way is inevitable & prolific.

I started practicing lean around 20 years ago and since, Being Lean and healthy living is a necessity to fuel my ambitious lifestyle. Over the years I’ve nailed packing lean and maintaining an exercise routine on the go. I’ve found that Being Lean allows me more time for the things that matter including scuba diving. I’ve racked up 450 fair-weather dives with my PADI Advanced Open-Water certification and I’m not finished yet!

Being Lean is an absolute necessity to enable my quality of life. Discovering and practising lean has helped me to live the life I love without compromise and I sincerely hope my book, this website and its resources and community will do the same for you. Thank You

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