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Hair Extensions Glasgow | Spectrum One

Hair Extensions Glasgow

Spectrum One Hair Extensions is a high end luxury brand of 100% human hair extensions created by professionals for professionals and in salon use. We have carefully tailored our range so that our amazing and ever growing UK wide family of hairdressers can offer the most durable, high quality and versatile hair for their clients. Spectrum One work closely with our supplier to ensure that all of our remy hair is Double Drawn, meaning that the hair is thick from root to tip, cuticle correct and is ethically sourced as well as carefully processed.

Many of our beautiful colours are bespokely designed by our brand owner (and award winning hairdresser) and all are available in all of our popular application methods of Tape, pre bonded I-Tip and Nano Tip and weft-in weave in a range of lengths from 14” to 24”. Spectrum One Professional Hair Extensions must be fitted by qualified stylists.

Why buy professional extensions over other types?

If you want a glorious mane 24/7 then you might want to consider real human hair. This type of hair from Spectrum One lasts over nine months even if worn everyday. Human hair of good quality looks natural blended with your own hair. Seamless colour blends can be achieved as well as varied effects (e.g. a balayage or highlights) because different tones can be used together.

Natural hair also feels soft so it shouldn’t feel any different when you run your fingers through. The icing on the cake of professional hair is its versatility and durability. Professional hair comes in a range of methods for example Tapes, Wefts, Nanos and I-Tips so depending on your hair type, there’s a method to suit you. It can be worn in many different styles and washed and styled just like your own hair!

Why buy professional hair extensions from Spectrum One?

Spectrum One hair has been created by professionals specifically for professional use. It is 100% luxury remy hair of the highest quality which is processed in the most gentle way to ensure durability and longevity of wear and is therefore also tangle and shed free. All of our hair is Double Drawn which means that most of the hair is the same length and thickness from root to tip.

Our hair is also ethically sourced which is really important to us! Spectrum One hair lasts 9 months plus with the correct aftercare. We also boast excellent customer service and are Habia recognised for our award winning hair extensions education. We currently offer 4 professional application methods in a range of lengths and over 30 gorgeous handpicked and bespoke designed colour options.

How do I apply professional extensions?

All of our professional extensions must be applied by a trained extensions professional. Spectrum One doesn’t believe in hot glued methods as it is damaging to the natural hair. All of our application methods are gentle, kind and comfortable to wear thus ensuring little/no damage to the client’s natural hair.

How do I remove professional extensions?

Professional extensions are removed in a variety of ways depending on the method but all removal methods ensure a gentle process and cause little to no damage to the natural hair. Beads are easily clamped and widened to ensure that tips or thread form weaves can be easily slid out or we use effective adhesive remover or gentle oils for any tape removals.

How long do professional hair extensions last?

All of Spectrum One professional hair lasts a minimum of 9 months with the correct aftercare. However it is essential that the application is correct and the client understands all of the correct aftercare advice given by the stylist. Many of our clients boast wearing our hair constantly for over 12 months because of its excellent quality and durability.

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