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Dental Negligence

Many people are not aware when they have suffered at the hands of a Dentist and presume that the pain and suffering and extra treatment costs they have or are going to occur are simply their own fault. This is not the case however, if you have regularly visited your dentist and only been advised recently that you have a problem with your teeth you need to contact our offices and discuss your concerns. In our experience many Dentists unfortunately fail to pick up early signs of problems with patients teeth and only realise when it is too late. To put this right patients often have to spend lots of money to put things back right. This is how we can help by recovering these expenses from your Dentists indemnity insurers. If you are facing a large bill to put right your teeth despite always taking care of your teeth you may be entitled to recover those costs. Need to speak to talk to someone about your treatment? Do you feel the treatment has not been good enough. Contact our offices today. Just email us or fill out the contact form and someone from our offices will be in touch. Do not worry it will not cost you anything. We will assess your case and advise you for free if you have a good case or not.

Call our offices on 0161 464 6000 and advise them what your Dentist has got wrong and see if you can make things better. Do not suffer in silence speak to us and see how we can help.

Do not worry about the cost of the advice you receive the initial consultation is free! Email us on and leave us a quick message about what you want advice on and someone will respond to you.

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