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Christmas Gift Hampers

2020 study found that 86% of people living in Britain celebrate Christmas. The holiday has taken on a meaning from its early origins steeped in religion, it has now become a cultural practice across the world and among many faiths. A time of year to show someone you care about them. Towards the end of the 18th century the practice of giving gifts to family members was the norm in Britain. That has now become the way in which we celebrate today but much of how Christmas is celebrated today is a blend of many different cultural celebrations.

About us

EZ Hampers are a luxury award winning hamper company based in Manchester (but we deliver to all across the UK).

We take the stress out of gift giving by making sure that your recipients’ needs and wants are not only prioritised but handled with care and attention.

EZ Hampers take great care to make your hamper as eco-friendly as possible.
Make your gift stand out from the crowd.
We take the hassle out of gift buying with our personalised service: just give us a bit of information either by phone or online, and we’ll contact you with the perfect hampers to suit you.

We serve clients of all kinds, including those with special dietary needs and religious requirements. EZ Hampers ensure that our clients’ gift giving experience is both personal and professional.

Want to find out more about our luxury award winning hampers?

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The Old Chapel, Manchester Road, Carrington, Manchester, M31 4BL


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