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Supporting Scottish Businesses To Develop Their True Potential

Brian Gowans

Chartered Management Consultant


Business Agent – SME, Adviser – NED,

Chartered Management Consultant

Business Developer

As a highly experienced business adviser and chartered management consultant Business Group Scotland specialise in developing SME’s to pinpoint problem areas in your business with a laser focus, and provide tailored, clear solutions you can build into your business strategy straight away. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. Nothing less than a hands on-approach combined with game-changing strategies will get us to the heart of your challenges and make real changes, for long-term, result driven sustainable results.

BG Ltd. can help you achieve business ambitions.

You will engage the services of a Chartered Management Consultant and Experienced Business Agent with variable levels of support available across a diverse range of clients.

• O&G and Renewable Energy Technology Portfolio Project Design and Development experience.

• Renewable Energy Solar test and repair facilities with supporting sales and services for 22 Middle East countries.

• Company pre-qualification expert for adding a “Competitive Advantage”.

Want to know more? Call 0131 513 9527 to discuss your business.


Business Consultant

Whether you’re looking to develop your business from startup level, or you’re trying to overcome a plateau that’s stopping you gaining any forward momentum, I can help you achieve your long-term goals by adding value. I work with anyone from commercial and public sector businesses, to social enterprises and even charities. Why not find out more about how I can help today?

Business Agent and Adviser

Whether it’s a business or property, I’ll evaluate your current assets and help you put together a solid strategy to maximise potential. This will include looking at things such as best practices, improving GDP by making better purchases to assist in enhancing your asset value. When it’s time to sell, I’ll endeavour to assist you on getting the best price possible, based on current and/or projected valuations.


I’ll examine your business and use innovative strategies to tackle any issues or roadblocks head-on, helping you achieve sustainable results


I am a Chartered Management Consultant bound to codes of conduct and practice, promoting transparency and integrity in achieving results


All of my services are specially tailored to meet your individual requirements, to ensure you receive the level of service you need


I use strategic decision making to frame the right problem to solve, and achieve results that are going to have a permanent, positive influence to add value to your business


Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and analytical and problem-solving skills, I’ll strive to come up with the best advice and solutions for your business


Confidentiality is crucial in everything I do, and I strive to keep the highest level of confidentiality possible when working with you

Contact Business Group Scotland Ltd.

Here at Business Group Scotland Ltd. I work closely with, and support, my clients to maximise potential value through specially tailored solutions to meet individual client requirements and provide spot-on business advisory support. Whether you require guidance on direction of your business, advice on current markets, or assistance in fund sourcing, Business Group Ltd. has the processes in place to ensure a successful outcome to help you achieve your goals.

Email us or call to discuss your project.

As an alternative to email, you can connect with me on LinkedIn. Click the LinkedIn Icon to find me.

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Address: 15 Devondale Place, Kinross KY13 8FR

Tel: 0131 5139527

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