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Candid Wedding Photography Manchester | Emma Beaumont Photography

Candid Wedding Photography By

Emma Beaumont Photography

Hi, I’m Emma – bubbly, outgoing and an old romantic!

I’m born and bred in Manchester, and I’m very proud of it. I live in West Didsbury, which for me is location, location, location, and I photograph beautiful love stories all over the UK and beyond. From proposals and couple engagement shoots to weddings and family, I would love to capture some beautiful forever memories for you. 

I’ve very approachable and always do my best to ensure everyone feels at ease on the day, balancing between blending into the background and chatting to guests as needed. I usually receive plenty of hugs as I’m leaving, because couples aren’t just clients to me, I genuinely treat them the way I do my loved ones, and that includes the kids. I’m very good with kids and can usually manage to get even the most camera-shy jumping up and down asking for photos before too long. All this comes through in the gorgeous feedback I receive from my wonderful couples.

Capturing moments that would otherwise go unseen

My photography style has always been very focussed on capturing real people and real emotions; for me photography is like a time capsule, capturing moments that might otherwise go unseen or be forgotten, and freezing them in time. 

Photographing weddings, and proposals and engagements, is very true to who I am as a person – I’ve always been a bit of an old romantic, and I’m very sentimental, so my main focus is always to ensure you'll be able to relive your special day over and over again through your photos. 

Candid and relaxed storytelling

Capturing someone laughing authentically, is always better than a forced smile, in my opinion. I like to blend in, and absorb myself in your day, capturing all the special moments and joy shared by you and your loved ones. Of course we can do some more posed shots, but I would prefer you to enjoy your day than spend 2-3 hours with me, away from all your guests!

You only get this day once, it’s important you enjoy it, while you let me tell the story of your day in all its candid beauty, with raw emotions, all the little details, special moments and spontaneous laughter.

Destination weddings

I am a bit of a travel junkie so Destination Weddings definitely get me very excited! My friends used to call me Judith Chalmers because I was always off travelling somewhere. My love of travel means I’ll travel wherever you’d like me to photograph your love stories, I am available for Destination Weddings… I’ve been fortunate to travel all the world, both for work and pleasure; it’s something I love, embracing myself in new cultures and exploring new places, always with my camera of course!

Need a photographer to capture some beautiful forever memories for you?

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