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Buy Sacchetto, Prosecco Wines Online from Great Wines Direct

Buy Sacchetto, Prosecco Wines online from Great Wines Direct

The Sacchetto winery was founded in the Veneto region in the early 1900's, where wine had a significant role in the region's history, culture, and economy. Sisto Sacchetto established the vineyard and wine-making industry in the early postwar period and is credited as the creator.

Between the 1950s and 1960s, when Italy saw an economic boom, the burgeoning trade became a more organised reality thanks to his technical and commercial abilities.

In these years, Sisto demonstrated his vision of adding value to the family business by directing it to the region of origin and directly cultivating the grapes for his wines.

Filiberto, Sisto's son, who continues to work at the Trebaseleghe headquarters, supports the business as it expands around the globe in the coming decades.

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