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Buy Portuguese Wines Online from Great Wines Direct

Buy Portuguese Wines Online from Great Wines Direct

Portuguese wine has long been a staple on supermarket shelves and has also been around for centuries having been introduced to the region by some of the most ancient civilisations like the Greeks, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and Romans.

During the time of the Roman Empire, Portugal had first begun exporting wines to Rome, although the modern wine export industry began in 1703 following the Methuen Treaty.

It was as a result of this treaty and the subsequent wine trade with England that many different varieties of wine began to be cultivated here. Today, there are two UNESCO protected wine producing regions in Portugal – the Pico Island region and the Douro Valley region. There are many local kinds of wines, all with their own distinctive personalities.

For many years, wine has been one of Portugal's most noteworthy exports, and today it is the 7th biggest wine exporter in the world in terms of value.

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