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Buy German Wines Online From Great Wines Direct

Buy German Wines Online from Great Wines Direct

Primarily, German wines are produced in the west of the country along the Rhine and its tributary rivers, and Germany’s oldest plantations date back to the ancient Romans. Six of Germany’s 13 quality wine producing regions are in the Rhineland-Palatinate state, however, overall, Germany has approximately 252,000 acres of vineyard and produces around 1.2 billion bottles a year, ranking it 8th for world wine production. Two thirds of German wines are whites.


When wine drinking first became popular in the UK, German wines were among the first available, and achieved great popularity at the time, however as the British palate became more sophisticated, many of these popular varieties fell from favour. Germany has a fairly mixed reputation with international wine connoisseurs, with some buyers believing that German white wines are among the most aromatically pure and elegant wines in the world, while other consumers believe that country primarily produces mass market cheap semi-sweet varieties like Liebfraumilch.


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