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Buy Georgia Wines Online UK from Great Wines Direct

Buy Georgia Wines Online From Great Wines Direct

Introducing Krakhuna, Otskhanuri Sapere, Saperavi, and Kakheti, four exceptional Georgia wines that will make a perfect addition to your wine collection. Whether you love a smooth and fruity red or a crisp and fresh white, these wines have it all: complex and delicious flavours, an unbeatable price point, and a centuries-old winemaking tradition. Krakhuna is a white wine that stands out with its dry, mineral notes and a refreshingly light finish. This wine pairs beautifully with seafood and salads, and its perfect acidity brings out all the flavours. The Otskhanuri Sapere is a red variety with a unique taste. It has notes of blackberry and raspberry, a hint of spice, and a delightful balance of sweet and tart aromas. With its medium body, this wine pairs perfectly with lamb dishes and BBQ's. Saperavi is a red wine that stands out for its intense, fruit-forward flavours. On the palate, it has notes of dark cherry, black currants, and a hint of smokiness. This is an excellent wine to serve with aged cheeses and red meats. Last but not least, the Kakheti is an exceptional white wine that is full of flavour. This wine has citrus and floral notes, pleasant minerality, and a crisp and clean finish. Enjoy it with shellfish, grilled vegetables, and salads. When it comes to Georgia wine, these four exquisite varieties embody centuries of tradition and offer you the best quality and flavour. We invite you to try them today and experience the history and excellence that come with each sip.

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