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4Networking Online ‘NRGIZING’ Businesses since 2006; running over 60,000 face-to-face meetings.

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Welcome to 4Networking

4N has been ‘NRGIZING’ Businesses since 2006; running over 60,000 face-to-face meetings across the UK before moving online in 2020.

Whilst much has changed, our core values and formulae for success have remained the same. We are a membership organisation that is 50% social, 50% business; offering a wide choice of networking events - both Online and Face-to-Face - with groups dedicated to a range of themes and business interests. All our meetings are relaxed, friendly and open to everyone; and we actively encourage collaboration over competition.

4N membership offers everything you need to grow your business. Find a voice, advice, a market place to show your expertise, pitch your products and services, meet new clients, contacts, suppliers and make friends. Sound good?

Helping UK businesses grow, work and succeed since 2006

£750+ million generated

in sales for our members, and then we stopped counting!


Let's be honest, running a business can feel a little lonely sometimes, especially if you work remotely. Networking can help challenge those feelings of isolation, and being part of 4N has built long lasting friendships for our members – some have even resulted in weddings! It’s why we are proud to be unashamedly 50% social.


We are also unashamedly 50% business. We're all about providing our members with great opportunities to grow and develop their business with us. There are no lockouts in our network – we have a culture of collaboration not competition – and our opportunities to deliver presentations at our networking events are a great way for our members to share knowledge and establish credibility.


How we do business has changed a lot in the last few years and 4N members have supported each other with a ‘we’re in it together’ attitude throughout. Our hybrid network has become a support community for small businesses across the UK and beyond; providing a source of contacts, collaborations and clients for our members, and a platform for new partnerships.


Our members are getting real, tangible results for their businesses as a result of their continued membership with us. We invite our members to share their wins – and we’ve seen reputations soar, brands evolve, and businesses expand & grow. We're always looking at new ways to offer business development to our members and are always open to new ideas.


4Networking provides networking and opportunities to connect with others

Every big opportunity starts with a little conversation. Where are you booking next? Whether online or offline, all our events can be found here. Have a nosey, choose what suits you and get some booked in!

Google loves us. And so will you.

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8 Bridge Street


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