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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

You’re Extraordinary, Why Settle For Ordinary?

Brand awareness boosts confidence to buy from you - especially if you have been endorsed by national or global media. That is why PR (Public Relations) is a crutial part of your business strategy.

Experience a service that provides unique advantages over traditional PR agencies:

■ Guarantees 1 release every month

■ Guarantees each appears in a minimum of 250 publications and news sites per month

■ Less than 1 hour per month of your time seen by an average 100 million

■ Catapult yourself to global status

■ Dramatically improves SEO

■ Director level support all the time

■ Just £799 per month + VAT Walk into any meeting confident that online research shows you are a global leader

You and your business are extraordinary

You have a unique proposition based on your experience, customer service and knowledge – yet most of the world don’t know about it.

By getting the media (TV, newspapers, magazines and radio) to tell your story, we can spread the word, enhance your reputation and trust, and ensure a steady flow of prospects who are pre sold and ready to buy

That is how we get you extraordinary engagement through public relations…. …and that’s guaranteed

For 30 years our team have delivered creating extraordinary press relations and social media management for hundreds of companies, both large and small. Because of that, we are now one of the leading media relations companies.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of service we provide to all of our customers. Our clients trust us because of the experience and planning knowledge we have obtained over the years along with our unique proposition.

Extraordinary Approach

Want an approach to PR is far more commercial than most Public Relations agencies – we create a framework that ensures we deliver one press release every month that will get you results.

Delivered through experienced business people that help use media coverage to drive your business goals.

We have been going for 30 years and have created extraordinary results for many of the world’s most extraordinary people and organisations including: BMW, Microsoft, P&G and to name a few so you can be assured we know what we are doing.

Extraordinary Efficiency

Your time is precious so we create a rolling plan of stories to achieve your objectives. We then structure our time with you to a strict timetable. During a brief monthly 1-2-1 we review, agree actions (send a picture, give us an outline, get a quote etc) and deliver that story.

For less than 1 hour of your time per month, we can create and deliver a media story that will drive business results.

Extraordinary Guarantee

Your press release will get distributed to your target media AND we also guarantee it will appear in over 250 publications including: 195+ vertical websites, covering 6 different major niches and topics, ABC/FOX/NBC/CBS and their affiliated networks. All the major search engines including: Google, Bing and Yahoo – each release with a potential 200 million reach.

Extraordinary Results

Your guaranteed distribution means that when someone searches for your business they will see your name across hundreds of high authority websites sharing stories about your business – positioning you as a global leader with huge authority.

PLUS your releases will each feature links to your website – driving traffic and increasing your websites presence on Google.

Extraordinary Return

A typical PR agency will cost you £2000 or more per month for a minimum of a 12 month contract – even if it doesn’t work – our monthly contract costs less than half a traditional agencies rate.

Find out more

If you are looking to grow your business through sharing your story and would like to discuss how one could work for your business, we invite you to book a free 30-minute strategy call directly with one of our Directors to see how to add value to your initiative.

You’re extraordinary, why settle for ordinary?

Contact Details:

Extraordinary Engagement

International House, 36-38 Cornhill,



Phone: 08456 441122

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