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HR Support For Tough Times Wilmslow | Dynamic HR Services Ltd

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

I need HR for tough times

Your business is going through some tough times and you need some guidance and HR support from someone who can give you no-nonsense advice (and a bit of empathy).

How can you help me with HR in tough times?

We would love to help support you through:

· Redundancies and restructures · Periods of change · Grievance resolution · Disciplinaries/dismissals · Managing poor performers · Mergers/acquisitions · Tribunal defence

How will your HR services help me?

We will talk you through the relevant process, the risks, your options and the best solutions. If you need an opinion on the best course of action, we won’t sit on the fence. We’ll let you know what we think.

We aim to work with you in a virtual capacity in the first instance, guiding you through the processes and empowering you or your managers to manage your people yourselves. This ensures that authority and control remains with you.

Where you need on-site support, one of the team will attend.

We’ll provide you with all the relevant paperwork, scripts and processes that you need.

In the cases of tribunal defence, our team of employment lawyers will be on hand to provide guidance and support to ensure your employment dispute is dealt with swiftly.

Ready to go ahead and resolve your HR problems today?

Click here or call and we’ll discuss your needs and get a quote to you.

Contact Details:

Dynamic HR Services Ltd

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Working Days/Hours: Mon - Fri / 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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