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Buying A Property Without Title Deeds | SLV Estates Cyprus

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Property in Cyprus without a Title Deed

If you have already bought property in Cyprus, or if you have started searching for properties in Cyprus, you will no doubt be familiar with the notoriously slow process of obtaining Title Deeds for a property. To better explore the pros and cons of buying a property without a Title Deed, let’s understand a little more about Title Deeds in Cyprus.

What are Deeds?

A Title Deed, like in most other countries around the world, serves as legal proof of ownership for a particular property with information regarding the completion of the building structure on the parcel of land it is on. Without this document, buyers will possibly face challenges when selling and transferring the property. Some properties in Cyprus might have multiple owners, each owning a fraction of the property. This type of ownership understandably complicates the Title Deed process and leads to uncertainty regarding ownership.

 When buying a property apon completion regardelss of the Title Deeds the new owner will always receive a Certifcate Of Ownership to prove you own the property.

In Cyprus you may also recieve Land Deeds majority of buyers deem having Land Deeds a 'safe purchase' as it proves you own the land the property is on.You may also see a property you're interested in having 'Title Deeds in progress' this can be a very good sign that the process has begun already, if you're interested in the property then you can seek legal advice from your lawyer or one of our reccomended ones in order to investigate how far through the process the property is to getting Title Deeds, Clients have been very lucky in the past where only months after buying a property the Title Deeds have come through exceeding the market value of the property between 20-40%.

Cyprus property laws are very complex, and as such, it is strongly recommended to seek legal advice to navigate the intricacies of buying a property in Cyprus.


Pros & Cons:


1.      Generally, properties without Title Deeds are listed at 20-40% lower than if it were to have Title Deeds. This is a great opportunity for buyers with lower budgets to purchase properties that would otherwise have been outside of their price range.

2.      Buyers who purchase a property without a Title Deed can generally take immediate possession of the property without needing to wait for the Title Deed process to finalize.

3.      Without the restrictions of the Title Deed in place, buyers may have more freedom to use the property they have purchased for various purposes, including short-term holiday rentals.



1.      The lack of Title Deed could potentially lead to struggles when trying to resell.

2.      Properties without Title Deeds also face challenges in obtaining a mortgage/loan, which means these properties would need to be bought in cash only.


In summary, should you be steering clear completely of properties without Title Deeds? No! If you weigh up the pros and cons and feel that you are comfortable making the purchase after you have consulted your lawyer, you could end up with a true gem of a property for a fraction of the price, and with a little patience, the Title Deed process will finalise, and you can enjoy your sun-kissed Cyprus lifestyle – Title Deed in hand.

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